The first rainstorm warning of the year has been issued, warning south China of strong convective weather such as thunderstorms and gales

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The Paper reporter Diao Fanchao On March 16, the National Meteorological Center issued this year’s first blue rainstorm alert:Heavy rain is expected in southern Henan, most of Anhui, most of Hubei, western and northern Hunan, and some parts of northwestern Jiangxi. Central and eastern Hubei, southeastern Henan, western Anhui, northern Hunan, and northeastern Guangxi will see heavy rain, and local heavy rain (100-120 mm) in northeastern Hubei.Some of the above areas are accompanied by short-term heavy rainfall (the maximum hourly rainfall of 20 ~ 50 mm, locally more than 60 mm), local strong convection weather such as thunderstorm gale or hail.Under the combined influence of rain, snow and cold air, the temperature in central and eastern China will drop by 4 ~ 10℃ from March 16 to 17, and the temperature will drop by more than 12℃ in some areas. The lowest temperature of 0℃ line will be in the south of north China to the west, accompanied by 4 ~ 5 winds and gusts of 6 ~ 8.In addition, from the night of March 16 to March 18, there were two rain and snow processes in most of North China and southern Northeast China, mainly with light to medium snow or sleet weather. Among them, there was heavy snow in central Inner Mongolia, northern Hebei, northern Beijing, eastern Liaoning and other places, and local snowstorm.Meteorological experts remind the southern region of the strong rain and strong convection weather is coming online, the public should pay attention to the local weather stations issued forecasts and early warning information, reasonable travel arrangements, and bring rain gear.At the same time, the temperature in central and eastern regions has dropped significantly, so the public should promptly add clothes and take warm measures to guard against colds.Jiang Ziwen Picture Editor Jin Jie Proofread Shi Yun