Shanghai a man budget 1600 yuan looking for rent, see the door immediately after the eyes, into the anger

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Recently, a man in Shanghai looking for rent, he prepared a budget of 1600 yuan, looking for a modest, conditions of the house.However, when he came to the intermediary for him to find the house, the instant was dumbfounded.I saw this room was actually built with an attic, the door is very small, enter the door have to squat in order to go in, and out of the door is a step, accidentally will fall.When I went in, I found the whole room was small, with only one air conditioner and no other furniture.Still have inside height only 1.5 meters or so, and the ceiling is irregular inclined top, the ground still has a counter beam, let a person feel very depressed.The man helplessly jokes: Shanghai is really a place with precious land. Is this house for the “seven dwarfs”?Fortunately, the next day the man finally found a decent house.”How can you be angry if you have no money?What kind of bike do you want when you have 160 million yuan to buy a mansion?There are general prices in the rental market, so if you can’t afford it, look for something cheaper.””In my first year out of college, I rented a loft and couldn’t stand up straight.Fortunately, I only went back to bed at eleven o ‘clock at night. I had to leave at seven o ‘clock. I rented it for six months.”To be honest, this condition is much better than the windowless basement in Beijing. I lived in a place where I couldn’t tell day from night for two days when I was fresh out of college, and my biological clock was out of order.”The ancients said: long live, big not easy.It seems that housing has been a big problem for the people since ancient times.However, this is also to blame others, because most of these hardships and difficulties are their own choice, because they want to find more opportunities in the big city, they are doomed to bear more pressure than others.If you can’t stand it, in fact, you can also find a small city, peacefully, flatly through life.What do you think?