Nine hundred million people cheat, and one hundred million people practice

2022-07-19 0 By

In the age of big data, that makes a lot of sense.First of all, I do not say this in a derogatory sense, but from an objective point of view of the word “cheat”.Why do you say “cheat”?It starts with The Times we live in.We are now in the era of information explosion, all kinds of things, all kinds of industry secrets are exposed, the information gap has been very small.So you want to achieve good results or performance, then it is necessary to good “cheat” people come in.Take the listing of some chat software to say, the main is about P artifact, the user first cheat hand to say again.There is now in various fields of dragon or dragon slaying warriors, are “cheat” throughout life.Cheat the user experience, cheat the user experience, download.In fact, there are a lot of truth, are in the word “cheat”.Next time on cheating between men and women, keep an eye on me