I, a grassroots civil servant, shared my salary and pension after retirement, revealing the reasons for not wanting to resign

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In recent years, there are a lot of young people after entering the social work, found that some jobs do not very suitable for yourself, such as the take-away member in the delivery or Courier, as well as the assembly line workers in the factory, we work for many years in the job, you will find yourself often need to maintain their living standards through overtime,There are often two or three shifts.So now, there will be a lot of young people begin to pay attention to health, hope oneself can have normal life rule, such ability can let the body withstand, because if you always go to work under 996 system and the work time, did not belong to own time arrangement, then there is no way to have a more long-term development in society,So people began to slowly change their mentality or concept, hoping to make a difference in the system.So how much do grassroots civil servants get a month?Why are so many college students willing to take the civil service exam after graduation, or even give up the job with a monthly salary of more than 10,000 yuan?Lao zhang believes that most college students to take an examination of civil servants is to help families turn, to take an examination of civil servants is very yearning, hope to be able to make their basic salary during the job or treatment is improved, and some work in the grass-roots civil servants for many years, actually overall salary is not high, although the eight hour day, and have a double cease,However, there are also serious differences in different positions and regions. There are many grassroots civil servants who have worked for many years in the central and western regions. In fact, their monthly salary is only about 3,000 to 4,000 yuan, which can solve everyone’s problems, but it is quite difficult to support their families., on the other hand, it is also because, within the system to work, just started not too many work experience, and there is no certain relationship, need seniority, there are a lot of work in the grass-roots civil servants for many years, they can’t see the hope of promotion, will have to quit, but they will still have too many college students because of poor family condition,I hope to take the civil service exam to help my family turn over.We hope to be able to enter the first-tier cities, even in the first-tier cities there are all kinds of bitterness and injustice, also can feel very scenery, actually so direct practitioners after admitted to civil servants to enhance their professional quality and ability, able to work to do, although the salary is not high at the beginning, but after work is decades or in retirement,In fact, working salary or retirement income will be more satisfactory.Survey when Lao zhang is revealed: there are quite a few practitioners can get RMB WuLiuQian LiuQiQian even after retirement retirement income, and in the cities for many years the old employees can even get pension of nearly ten thousand yuan, everyone in the first-tier cities actually breadwinner is no problem, but also can help children reduce the pressure and burden of loan to buy a house.Conclusion: What do you think about this?Write in the comments and talk together.Every day, we share workplace experience, workplace stories and industry cases, and record 360 real stories of people in different industries and occupations