Gu Ailing made history and won again!Commentary bluntly please call him frog queen, CCTV: a three pier

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Beijing time on February 18th, Beijing Olympic freestyle skiing women’s u-shaped ground skills final end, Chinese player GuAiLing rolling, she won the third medal of the Olympics and the second gold medal, u-shaped venue project is the world’s first GuAiLing, she scored eight of the 15 gold MEDALS, she equal and dimension reduction on this project.The eighth gold medal of The Chinese delegation has finally come.Sharpe silver, Kark bronze.Gu Used the movements of 900+900+720+360+540 in the first round. The movements were perfect and she scored 93.25 points. She was the only one who scored more than 90 points in the first round.With all the players in the second round finished, sharpe, the defending champion with the highest score, only got 90 points, not surpassing Gu’s 93.25.In the second round, Gu scored a score of 95.25 points with back-to-back 900+720+360+ two 540 points. She was the first in both rounds and no one passed her in both rounds.In the second jump the frog princess was very surprised expression, at that time she probably knew she booked the gold medal.The top 11 players in the third round ended with no one better than Gu’s 95.25 points, and Gu clinched the gold medal one round ahead of time.Gu showed some celebratory moves in the third round, scoring 30 points.Commentator blunt: this is the genius girl, this is the performance of the dominance level, at the end of the first round I said this gold medal is secure, she is the strongest, don’t call him frog princess, please call her frog queen!’This is the first gold medal for The Chinese team in this event, and the eighth gold medal for the Chinese team. Gu Ailing won three tricks in one household,’ the People’s Daily wrote after the race.Congratulations.CCTV also bluntly: just now, women’s freestyle skiing halfpipe Gu Ailing’s first two jumps were more than 90 points, locked the champion in advance, for the Chinese sports delegation won the 8th gold.By Yan Xiaobai