Xiangtan issued the “14th Five-year plan” for the development of education

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Xiangtan Online February 11 – (Xiangtan Daily all media reporter Ouyang Day) a few days ago, “Xiangtan city” 14 five “educational career development plan” (hereinafter referred to as “planning”) officially announced.The plan puts forward five development tasks: comprehensively implementing the fundamental task of moral education, promoting the higher level development of education at all levels and of all types, ensuring the all-round development of teachers in the new era, leading the modernization of education with education informatization, and promoting comprehensive reform and modernization of education governance.It mainly planned the implementation of “eight actions”, namely, education mode reform action, high-quality and balanced development action, the quality of the staff improvement action, education quality improvement action, governance capacity improvement action, education informationization enabling action, government, industry, university, research and economic integration action, teaching and research to improve the quality and efficiency of action;Five guarantee measures are put forward to strengthen the party building comprehensively, implement education administration according to law, strengthen the guarantee of education funds, strengthen the supervision and evaluation of education, and strengthen the construction of safe campus.During the period of “difference”, the xiangtan city will promote the development of education at various levels and of a higher level and enhance the level of pre-school education pratt &whitney, and promote the balanced development of the compulsory education of high quality, high school education and varied characteristics development of special education, vocational education professional development, the brand development, private education standardization development, support the development of higher education modernization, as the party’s education, as the yucai,Further enhance the people’s satisfaction with education.We will accelerate the modernization of education and develop a system of lifelong education.Enhance the ability of education to serve economic and social development, build a higher level and better quality brand of Xiangtan education, stand firm in the first group of education in Hunan, and build a strong city of education.Xiangtan city will build, change (expand) to build 80 public parks, to ensure that each township (street) at least one public park.By 2025, the three-year preschool enrollment rate will reach more than 90 percent, the coverage rate of inclusive kindergartens will reach more than 85 percent, and the proportion of children in public kindergartens will reach more than 50 percent.85% of preschool teachers receive professional education.Twenty-two compulsory education schools were built, and 123 were renovated or expanded.The construction of standardized junior middle school and primary school in each township.We will implement action plans for the development and upgrading of regular high schools at county levels, support counties and county-level cities in developing high-quality high schools with special features, and encourage diversified development of regular high schools.The national secondary vocational “double excellence project”, improve the conditions of public secondary vocational schools.By 2025, all the secondary vocational schools in the city will meet the standards set by “Measures for the Administration of Setting up Secondary Vocational Schools in Hunan Province”, and build 1 to 2 national high quality secondary vocational schools.We will expand the scale of special education, and allocate classrooms for special education resources to more than 50 percent of regular schools with regular classes.The coverage rate of community colleges in counties and districts (parks) has reached 100%, and that of community schools has reached 80%.>>Return to Xiangtan online home page