Why do women like rich men so much?What’s behind the money?

2022-07-18 0 By

Many men often complain that when women look for a husband, they first look at whether a man has money, a good job, a house and a car. Modern women are too materialistic, too realistic, too money-oriented.You can’t marry a woman like that.So let’s put ourselves in the other’s shoes. When a man is looking for a wife, isn’t it the same?Ugly women do not want, not good shape do not want, not sexy hot do not want, skin is not white, pie face do not want.Is it unrealistic for a man to choose a wife?No man will marry a woman with a big pie face for love.No woman will marry a man for love who can’t support herself.When we choose a spouse, in fact, we are the same, each of us have a scale in mind, are weighing each other’s height, fat and thin, as far as possible with their own value, you exchange for each other’s higher value, at least, can not lose money, that is to say, the other party can match us.Climbing is better, of course.In our love philosophy, I also said that love is an exchange. Men exchange their house, car, bride price, ability to make money and survival value with women’s reproductive value and ability to bear children, so as to solve the common problems between men and women, survival and reproduction.In fact, not only is the woman in the male selection of the time is realistic, men in the selection of women’s realistic degree is not worse than women.Let’s talk about why women put money in the first place when choosing a man.In fact, what women like is not money, but what money represents.Money represents all kinds of goods, all kinds of services, all kinds of material comforts, spiritual comforts, safety, security of life, education of children, and fulfillment of physical desires.Basically, anything you can think of, you can trade for money.Not only do women like rich men, we men also like money and we like to be friends with rich people.Many people have said that love is priceless, love can not be measured by money, money can not buy love.In fact, this is a very wrong cognition.If two men have similar other conditions, such as height, education, appearance, personality and personality, then one can make money, the other can not make money, or earn less than that man.Which man do you think women like?If a woman is pregnant and has no income and wants to survive in the future, she will usually choose a man who makes more money.If we meet a woman who doesn’t love money, but you have nothing but money, then you just need to change a woman who does.After all, in this world, women who love money are still in the majority.Men have career, money, there will be love, there will be a lot of women need your love.The amount of money represents your tangible assets and intangible assets, all people who do not pay attention to money, they will have more and more difficult, can not move.Men in society, only money can help you.The same is true for love and mate selection. The amount of money a man has represents his survival value. The higher your survival value is, the higher the reproductive value of the woman you match will be.The more money you have, the younger and prettier your spouse is.The poorer you are, the worse your mate will be, and even if you die alone, your genes will disappear.We don’t work hard to make money, don’t work hard to find a mate, then our genes will disappear from now on.