The nanny took care of her employer for 30 years, but when she quit, her employer gave her 380,000 yuan

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Guide language each place nanny fee is different, some places will be relatively high, and there are some places will not be that high, is to settle in accordance with the local service industry, and do a nanny is to make money, then they will rely on their own hands to earn their own get a salary, on life, also will take care of the employer is very good, but two people live for a long time later,It is hard to avoid some feelings, such feelings are not money for, but with the heart for.Although many nanny said, taking care of the employer, the employer has a small mind, not sincerely treat nannies, but not all of the employer, some employers will treat as nanny family, below the 55-year-old zhang aunt for the first time to do nanny, actually do is 30 years, at the age of retirement,The employer just gave her $380,000, so what was that all about?Let’s take a look at the story now.Aunt liu, 55, I this year 55 years old, and a bitter is sweet, I this lifetime but although the front is bitter, but after the elderly, is happy, because I met a good intention of the employer, he treated me like family, never let me do any things too much, I was very grateful to him, they would be willing to take care of him unconditionally.My family has always been very poor, I with my wife after marriage, we two people also had three children, my wife is a little skill of man, but he is very kind to me and also very honest, work very hard, only that he is doing some coolie live, has no future, can only make us hungry.At that time the two of us would get up early every day to work, just wanting to make more money, in the evening, go home very late, at home, the children are sleeping, but have in-laws care, or I have to be at home with her, so more no income, only in the evening, just feel warm home, looked at the three children grew up from day to day, I am satisfied.Time went quickly over the past ten years, my child is in junior high school age, elementary schools, as they represent our pressure get bigger, they want to live on, to tuition fees, a year to tens of thousands of, so the pressure is really quite big, we both think of doing more work, earn more money, but at this time, my wife at the time of a job,Suddenly I fainted. I went to the hospital and found out that my wife had cancer. At that moment, I felt my whole life had collapsed.Later, in order to treat him, we spent all our savings and borrowed money from relatives and friends, but nothing worked. Finally, he also left us. When my wife left, my children were still studying, and the pressure of the whole family was on my shoulders.Though his wife left, let me a lot of pressure, but three children are all very sensible, never let me worry about, I’m just trying to make money to raise them, so in my efforts, they finally grew up, my little daughter is working in the public, also met with her lover, followed closely by two sons also married, I am very pleased.After they got married, I continued to work as a nanny. When I first started working as a nanny, I didn’t expect that I would stay as long as I did. Besides, the employers are very nice and treat me like family.I was taking care of my employer, he is only fifty years old, is still very young, after his retirement, to be alone, his children are outside life, seldom come back, so he didn’t want to so lonely, so he invited me back to take care of him, I go to take care of him at first, one month’s salary to 3000 pieces of money, that although the salary is not high,However, I still chose to stay here, because I was really short of jobs at that time, and I had no education and no skills. I laughed when someone would hire me, and I was very happy when he would hire me.Later after I go to his house, as I learn every day a nanny service to employers, what time get up every day, some cooking, cooking a meal will do household chores, which corner to wipe clean, employers to exercise every day, and in some cases, he got up earlier than I am, I am busy after all, he didn’t come back to eat breakfast, we two people also get along very good.Employer’s body is very fit, by definition is not to need to please a nanny, but he will not do household chores, more won’t cook, anyway, his family is rich, so he didn’t need to injustice yourself, give yourself please a nanny to come back and ministered unto him, and he often told me some word of thanks, said that if not I work hard, he could not leave me so long,The house wouldn’t have been this clean, and he said he’s been so much better since I got here.In the past, he often ate take-out food, but after I came here, I cooked rice and soup for him every day and kept his stomach well. Therefore, he thanked me very much, gave me gifts, and brought me delicious food when he went out. I was really touched.When I was in and ministered unto him, I never have to ask salary this piece, nor did I ask him to raise these, but he often ask me the salary, if I don’t speak, he would have to ask the next door neighbor, ask those who hired a nanny, take a look at the somebody else give how much money a month, if the somebody else’s salary is higher than his, he will be sorry,Then he gave me a raise. Every time he gave me a raise, I was very happy in my heart, because he respected me and would not let me doubt it.Employers respect me not only, and the heart is very fine, every month he will give me four days off, go home to see family, but I didn’t go back, he brought me back, and will prepared gifts for me, let me back to my family, every time to buy things are not cheap, however, still free to let me bring my family here for a few days, I know he is good to me,Let me spend more time with my family, but I took his money, so I have to do what I have to do, but the employer is very nice to me, EVEN if I go home, he will still give me a full month’s salary, I was surprised.He for my things I do not know, also very generous, not let me bring wine is to bring specialty back, and never ask me for money, I talked to him about these, he is still angry, let me accept his mind.See the employer so good to me, I have what reason to leave, even if I leave I will never meet like he such a good employer, so I never have thought of going to quit, single-minded in his home take care of him, 1 time in the past thirty years, he also took the fronted, and I was sixty years old, also the recuperation of the retirement age, many things, I also can’t do it,At this point, I submitted my resignation to my employer.My in the mind is don’t want to resign, but I have no a way, old, do not come, at this time, however, employers went back to my room, I thought he this is can’t accept my resignation, but after a few minutes later, he came out, the hand also took a book, I don’t understand what that means, he he took my hand and said to me:”I this book has 380000, this is I give you deposit, you accept it, this is for your this for decades of my meticulous care, I can give you nothing, the money, you must accept it, or my heart is uneasy, you take the money, their own a rich life, need not so tired, also can treat as endowment money,You can use it when you need it in the future. “After hearing what he said, I readily accepted his kindness.Summary of some people is not to say that want to use money to measure, but with the family, if the nanny sincerely treat, so employers will treat her as a family, so it is the power of love, will eventually get employers is benevolence, change is any a nanny can meet such employer, so it is impossible to have the idea of resignation.