Quanzhou diary | epidemic emergency help pregnant women in labor Concentric between the people and the relay escort

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A pregnant woman and her family went to jinjiang traffic police station for help at 8:00 a.m. on April 1, 2008, in Rixal Square, Xintang Street, Jinjiang, Fujian province.The pregnant woman has started labor pains and needs to be sent to the hospital urgently. Now, due to the control of the epidemic, she is not familiar with the travel route and cannot get a taxi, so she is very anxious.After learning about the situation, the officers urgently helped to find a vehicle to transport the pregnant woman. As it happened, a warm-hearted citizen passing by the inspection point said that he had a car to help transport the pregnant woman.Immediately, the traffic police driving police motorcycles, lights up the siren sound, open up a “green channel” for pregnant women to escort medical treatment.Police car in the front lead to open up “green channel” in shishi Lion City Avenue epidemic prevention point, Jinjiang traffic police to Shishi traffic police explain the situation, Shishi traffic police immediately relay escort pregnant women for medical treatment.In just ten minutes will be the pregnant woman from Jinjiang to Shishi, safely arrived at the hospital for delivery.(CCTV News client)