Linghe Branch durian police station: police “waiting for rabbit” to capture the “bonnie and Clyde”

2022-07-18 0 By

On February 15, 2022, the people of Jincheng were immersed in the festive atmosphere of the Lantern Festival when a hurried phone rang: some people reported to the police that they had lost their electric car parked on the roadside of a hotel at the intersection of Guangzhou Street several days ago.Because the electric car just bought not long, lost it to the alarm person’s influence is very big.Police situation is command, durian police station on duty immediately arrived to carry out the investigation.As the time of the incident has passed for a long time, it has brought great difficulties to the investigation of the case. However, small cases of people’s livelihood are often related to the vital interests of the masses. Therefore, the police began to investigate the surveillance video frame by frame in recent days, and finally found the suspicious man in the surveillance video.In the face of transient case clues, the police soldiers are divided into many ways, carry out collaborative operations, on the one hand continue around the suspicious man’s whereabouts further investigation and monitoring, on the other hand, the arrangement of special personnel on the way to the possible hiding place of stolen electric cars.At this time, the police in charge of investigation and monitoring found a precious clue again, suspicious man had made a phone call at the crime scene, before long, another suspicious figure also appeared in the picture, which means that the suspect is more than one.With the full cooperation of the police, they finally found the stolen electric car in an obscure corner of Dengzhou Street in Linghe District.Identified by the police, the car is indeed their own car.Police immediately decided to a “waiting for a rabbit”, after several hours of patient squatting, finally came to the two car suspects arrested on the spot.In front of the iron evidence of the mountain, 2 people admitted criminal fact eventually, unexpectedly is, 2 people are husband and wife relation actually, because of temporary avarice work from, move the small idea that had lawless, eat bitter fruit from oneself eventually.At present, both of them have been detained according to law, and the case is being handled further.For a long time, pomegranate LingHe public security bureau police station from the small case of the people’s livelihood of the people most concerned about, keep high pressure strike hard situation for illegal and criminal behavior, since the Spring Festival, has the four criminal suspect criminal detention measures in accordance with the law, hit the arrogance of criminals, maintenance of social order stability.In the next step, Durian police station will continue to crack down on crimes with the support of “Thunder Action”, and constantly improve the happiness and satisfaction of the people.