Congratulations!Two villages in Baoshan were awarded the 2021 Shanghai Beautiful Countryside Demonstration Village

2022-07-18 0 By

Good news luodian Town, Baoshan District, vision village, Guangming village, two villages were named as 2021 Shanghai beautiful village model village. Since the start of 2021 Shanghai beautiful village creation work, Luodian town with innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing new development concept,Optimize and enhance the new spatial pattern of “Meilan Lake, Innovative medicine, ancient town rhyme and rural style”, and carry out the establishment of vision Village and Guangming Village city-level beautiful village demonstration village.Vision Village is located in vision Village in the middle and west of Luodian Town. It has a compact and flexible spatial texture with river street, courtyard and house, rich cultural history and broad development ideas.In recent years, the two village committees adhere to the improvement of rural living environment as the basis, closely follow the “beauty in ecology, rich in industry, root in culture” construction of the main line, the development of cultural and sports theme projects as new industries, to achieve a clean village, culture rich people, the new vision of democratization.Guangming Village is located in the northeast of Ludian Town of Guangming Village, covering an area of 2.24 square kilometers. In recent years, according to the urban and rural planning strategy of “ecological base guarantee, coverage of urban and rural community living circle, and creation of characteristics and charm”, guangming Village combined with its own characteristics and based on the actual situation of the village,We will coordinate systematic projects such as industrial construction, cultural construction, system construction, environmental governance and long-term management to build a new type of agricultural science and technology village with the theme of “beautiful home, happy paradise and green countryside” with the style of jiangnan water towns.Beautiful ecology, rich industry and strong governance look forward to baoshan’s more and more beautiful countryside