CPPCC national Committee member Xu Qijin: “tax services are very convenient!”

2022-07-18 0 By

“In the course of visiting enterprises and communicating with front-line workers over the years, I often hear the topic of tax and praise for ‘reducing taxes and fees’ and’ making it easier for people to handle tax ‘.This shows that the people are satisfied with the work of the tax authorities.”A few days ago, Xu Qijin, member of the CPPCC national Committee and deputy monitor of state Grid Suzhou Power Supply Company, said happily, holding the hand of Dou Yuesheng, party secretary and director of Suzhou Tax Bureau who came to visit.Xu qijin has been working on the front line of power supply production for 40 years and is a top-ranking technical worker in the power grid.Not long ago, Xu Qijin as a torchbearer, participated in the Beijing Winter Olympics torch relay.”I will carry forward the Olympic spirit into my work and make new contributions to the construction of the motherland.”In Beijing, he carried the torch with a wish for the prosperity and strength of the motherland.When he returned to work, he passed on his love for his younger generation with 40 years of skills and experience.As a member of the CPPCC, he uses the power conferred by the state and the people to convey continuous attention to the development of high-tech industries and the construction of the workforce.”In recent years, I have visited and investigated many electrical engineering colleges and high-tech enterprises. No matter in the ‘reserve’ of skilled workers or in the forefront of the development of high-tech industry, the tax authorities have been able to promote tax preferential policies and implement tax reduction and fee reduction policies in place.”Xu qijin said tax authorities have played a positive role in promoting the development of high-tech industries and attracting employment for key groups.With the increasing demand for skilled workers in high-tech industries, the income of skilled workers is also increasing.”Suzhou tax Bureau learned that many of our workers are not familiar with the operation process of individual income tax withholding declaration, divided by rounds of fragmentation area door-to-door training, hand in hand explanation demonstration, to ensure the smooth completion of everyone’s declaration work.Tax service is very convenient!”Xu Qijin praised.Xu suggested that tax authorities should further give full play to the role of tax policy incentives and guidance in industries such as vocational education, high-skill training and platforms for the transformation of innovation achievements, and maximize the continuous innovation vitality of grass-roots and front-line skilled workers to help local high-quality innovation development.Dou yuesheng said that the tax authorities will take good care of the representatives and members of the “transmission” of the ardent expectations, with a more down-to-ground style, full of enthusiasm, progressive attitude, solid tax work, to promote the high-quality development of local economy.(A. Enraven)