Start of spring meal: fresh sweet radish cake

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Ingredients: 1000 grams of flour, 700 grams of radish, 300 grams of ham, 200 grams of old noodles, 700 grams of vegetable oil, sugar, salt, alkali, pepper, sesame oil a little.Method: 1, pour the flour into the basin, add half of the vegetable oil, stir well and evenly into a thin crisp.2. Add the old dough to the thin pastry and knead it evenly, then ferment it on the cutting board.3, the white radish peel, first cut into uniform threads, and then cut into small, and then rinse with water, into the basin.4, the salt into the white radish, slightly pickled, remove the water in the white radish.5, cut the ham into the same thickness as the daikon shreds, and then dice.6. Place the diced ham in a basin with diced turnip.Add salt, sugar, sesame oil and pepper and mix well with chopsticks.7. Add alkali to the fermented surface prepared in practice 2 and knead well by hand.8. Knead the fermented dough into a dough stick and cut it into dosage forms.9, by hand into the dough, put in the prepared filling, and then wrap, press flat.Heat a saucepan on a high heat, add the remaining vegetable oil until 80% hot, then add the flatbread, deep-fry until golden brown on both sides and done.Medicated diet effect: after the beginning of spring, the weather from cool to warm, health care should pay attention to the protection of Yang qi, diet should eat more food, and radish belongs to the flat, sweet, spicy, lung, spleen, with stomach digestion, shengjin thirst, qi runfei, cough and phlegm.In addition, this delicious turnip cake tastes delicious, especially suitable for people with loss of appetite, dry mouth and sputum.Ma Li, Ph.D., clinical nutrition, associate chief physician, deputy director of nutrition Department, Yueyang Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, youth member of nutrition Committee of Chinese Association of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, member of anti-aging Committee of Chinese Association of Female Physicians.Nutrition Clinic Time: Wednesday morning (Dabaishu General Hospital) Wednesday afternoon (Famous Doctor’s Special Clinic on Qinghai Road)