Prevention and control of the epidemic will not be relaxed, and the popularization of law will not stop at school

2022-07-17 0 By

In order to further strengthen the publicity and education of “rule of law into campus”, sow the seeds of belief in rule of law for teenagers, and fully practice the practice of “I do practical things for the masses”.Combining with the opportunity of the new semester, the People’s Court of The Western Autonomous Prefecture of Haixi organized policemen to visit no. 3 and No. 4 oilfield primary schools, and successively carried out the “First lesson of the new semester, Rule of law into the campus” rule of law publicity activities to push the construction of rule of law to a new level.Due to the need of epidemic prevention and control, the lecture was carried out through the broadcasting form of red Scarf radio station.The publicity of the rule of law mainly focuses on domestic violence, social violence, campus violence and network violence, combined with the age characteristics of primary school students and life reality, through the interpretation of laws, analysis of legal consequences and minors in the face of illegal infringement how to save themselves and other contents, to interpret a thought-provoking criminal cases.The rule of law about the detailed cases such as bullying, warning students to correct bad habits, obey the school rules, education students fully aware of the serious consequences of Internet addiction, fighting, remind students correct ideas, standardize behavior, encouraged the students to learn to use legal thinking to solve problems in life, form good habits of life, cherish the good time,To be a good student of school, a good child of family and a good citizen of society.Through promoting the rule of law, the students have a preliminary understanding of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of Minors and the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency, especially how the law protects the rights and interests of minors and the serious consequences of illegal crimes.The publicity of the rule of law stimulates students’ enthusiasm to learn law, teaches them to regulate their own words and deeds with law, enhances their awareness of self-protection, effectively prevents minors from breaking the law and committing crimes, sows the seeds of “respect the law, study the law, abide by the law and use the law” in children’s hearts, and fastens the “first button” of life.