A driver from outside The province passing through the Economic zone in Hefei tested positive for nucleic acid

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April 4 11:05 a.m., Hefei open zone in high-speed crossing nucleic acid screening found that Wang, a company in Xi ‘an truck driver, from Shanghai airport to pull goods back to Xi ‘an.According to his own statement, due to 48 hours to the destination of nucleic acid test proof, xinqiao Airport expressway because of free nucleic acid testing services, Wang nearby off the expressway at xinqiao Airport expressway for antigen detection and nucleic acid sampling.After the initial screening negative antigen, Wang drove the truck to return to the direction of Xi ‘an, the whole journey did not enter hefei city.At 18:25, April 4, a third-party testing agency reported positive nucleic acid in the initial screening, and at 22:10, the Nucleic acid test of Hefei Center for Disease Control and Prevention was retested positive.Upon receipt of the positive test report, hefei Economic development Zone immediately launched emergency response mechanism, carried out comprehensive epidemiological investigation, sampling and testing, isolation and control, and strictly implemented relevant site control and environmental eradication and other epidemic prevention measures.Flow, Wang has driven to Nanyang City, Henan Province Shanghai-Shaanxi highway Tang River service area, flow transfer personnel told it should be isolated and take the initiative to report to the local DISEASE control department, at the same time, Hefei city sent a letter to nanyang CDC for treatment.Up to now, a total of 66 people have been screened in fusion-close contact and 10 people in sub-close contact. Control measures have been implemented for all of them, with negative antigen screening results and pending nucleic acid test results. Relevant disposal work is in progress.Hefei Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Headquarters, Hefei Economic and Development Zone, April 5, 2022