Four aspects of innovation, south China Sea west firewood to formulate this year’s economic development “roadmap”

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On February 14, Foshan City Nanhai District Xiqiao town held the 2022 economic development work conference, analysis of the town’s economic development situation, grasp the problems faced by various departments, research solutions.West firewood town committee deputy secretary, mayor Zhang Guoxin requirements, each department should always do keep innovation, keep the west firewood regional status, culture and travel “appearance”, industry “basic plate” and their own responsibilities, efforts to achieve this year’s economic development goals.On February 14, Foshan City nanhai District Xiqiao Town held the 2022 economic development work conference.Southern + Lin Luofeng conference, west the firewood town by the office, statistics, finance, agriculture and rural areas, promote style tourism office, public information office, city building and water conservancy, natural resource management, west firewood tax bureau, and beautifully scenic area administration office and other departments on behalf of the speeches, around town economic development, in order to seek improvement in stability work always tone,We will focus on reporting our work ideas, ideas and suggestions for 2022, and analyze the difficulties or problems we face in our work.Industry is the foundation of west firewood development.Next, west the firewood town by the office will be in the work of investment in fixed assets, industrial and technological upgrading, strengthening of development of the enterprise “on” four open service through train to promote enterprise, to promote transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and communities in digital transformation, strengthen the investment promotion and capital introduction work, focus on cultivating industries big health aspects, trying to reshape the industry.During the Spring Festival holiday just past, the 2022 Xiqiao New Year Carnival was popular with citizens and tourists.Take advantage of the momentum, this year the west firewood will take advantage of the “art in the firewood Mountain – South China Sea earth Art Festival” series of activities, to cultivate and develop meetings, exhibitions, performing arts, e-sports and other boutique activities;Make good use of yugeng Yue yun, Pingsha Art Island and Xiqiao Mountain homestay core area and other characteristic projects, to create xiqiao all-region tourism, rural tourism brand;Promote the commercial block tourism, continue to cultivate the night economy;Explore to hold regular theme activities of “Spring encounter”, “midsummer party”, “autumn pageant” and “winter camp” at the riverside of listening to music lake, so as to create a fashionable and energetic image of Xiqiao, boost the popularity and enhance the attraction to talents.In addition, the west firewood this year will also speed up the promotion of space reconstruction, the key to promote “2+3+4” whole land comprehensive renovation demonstration project, including two major industrial transformation leading projects, three thousand acres of continuous “work to work” project and four demonstration village project.To this end, xiqiao Natural resources Management institute proposed that this year will dig the potential of land development, strengthen departmental communication, policy promotion and guidance, to do a good job in land protection, service major project construction;Xiqiao town public capital office will also speed up the implementation of land consolidation efforts and major projects, strengthen the communication with financial institutions, to the market to transport more potential and vitality of the project.Guo-xin zhang stressed that the whole town up and down around ZhenWei “space reconstruction, and remodeling industry, create a better life in the west firewood,” the work of the mainline and west the firewood town government work report in 2022 work plan arrangement, keep confidence, determination, in order to speed up the industrial transformation, leading the global high quality development convergence add power, increases the vitality and effectiveness,Strive to make west qiao south China Sea west regional center.Zhang Guoxin requirements, the relevant functional departments of the West firewood to actively through the stock to increment, do a good job in enterprise services, in-depth mining cultural travel and other advantages of resources;On the basis of promoting land space to vacate, we should further strengthen the construction of investment promotion team, optimize investment promotion mechanism, and continuously increase industrial investment promotion.To achieve shou is innovative, keep the west firewood as the South China Sea western regional center this position, the west firewood literary brigade this “appearance”, industry this “basic plate” and the responsibility of the department itself, promote mechanism, brand and service innovation, and strive to achieve the established economic development goals and tasks this year.Lin Luofeng 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