Xiongan people start businesses in the sub-center

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By 8:30 a.m., Mr. Zhang had arrived at the office.Accustomed to arrive half an hour early in the company, he will walk up and down the company, carefully check each corner.”Come early to deal with some company affairs, turn around, I feel at ease.”Zhang Xinze, 36, from Baiyangdian In Xiongan, Hebei Province, liked nothing better than diving in the lake with his friends after school.When he grew up, he attended the local amateur sports school for professional swimming training.At the age of 15, he came to Beijing alone with a dream.”At that time, I worked as a swimming coach and a lifeguard at the natatorium while studying and training in Haidian Sports School. The two jobs paid more. Although I was tired, I didn’t have to bring trouble to my family.”In his work, Zhang discovered that exercise can change people’s concept of health.”At that time, I wanted to open a sports business if I had the opportunity to influence more people with the concept of health.”In 2005, Mr. Zhang moved to Tongzhou to work and made his first fortune there.”I rented a swimming lane with some friends and organized a swimming training class. It was not good at the beginning, but later one of my friends brought many kindergarten friends with him after learning.”With the stability of the students, the Zhang Xinze swimming class fire up, he took the lead in the industry put forward “25 meters drifting off into the” knot class standard, each child according to discriminate different progress, learn slowly tutoring after class in isolation, and promised to all students, not up to standard free make up a missed lesson to inspection by, of coaches and parents recognition and praise.In 2008, the Successful hosting of the Beijing Olympic Games set off a nationwide fitness craze, Zhang Xinze also waited for the development opportunities of The Times.After graduating from the physical education major of The Capital Institute of Physical Education, he returned to Tongzhou and registered zhongti Shengshi Company.From one shop to two, Zhang offers excellent fitness services to tongzhou district residents.Now, There are 27 directly operated stores, 480 employees, with a total operating area of more than 60,000 square meters and more than 300,000 service members. Each store has its own unique positioning, some are traditional gyms, some are intelligent new gyms.He always stays true to his original aspiration, has the courage to shoulder social responsibilities, and actively contributes to the construction of the sub-center and public welfare undertakings.In early 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic broke out.Zhang quickly organized the company’s employees to take action and devote themselves to the fight against the epidemic.”In the early days of the epidemic, I learned that there was a shortage of protective materials at the front line of community prevention and control. As a private enterprise, we must do something.”Zhang xinze organized his staff to raise funds and bought 24,000 medical masks, 2,300 kilograms of 84 disinfectant solution, 11,000 imported medical gloves and other epidemic prevention materials. He immediately donated a total of one million yuan of materials to tongzhou district, alleviating the shortage of epidemic prevention materials in some communities.Thus, tongzhou District became the first private enterprise to donate epidemic prevention supplies in short supply.”Xiongan is my hometown, and the Sub-center is my second hometown.”After graduation, Zhang xinze decided to start his own business and chose to take root in Tongzhou. Now his happy family and life are all here.”The sub-center and residents of the capital are paying more and more attention to the development of physical health and the improvement of physical and mental quality. As a practitioner of the fitness industry, I will continue to promote the continuous development of national fitness and contribute to the realization of a healthy China.””Mr. Jang said.Beijing City Sub-center newspaper reporter Tian Zhaoyu responsible editor Zhang Chen