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Yenqiao.com has updated the result query interface recently, it’s time to score!https://yz.chsi.com.cn/apply/cjcx/ now check grade page buttons are grey, each school representatives also cannot check grade, can’t enter the page of the corresponding check grade.But so many colleges and universities, when checking points too difficult to find ah!Small palm to teach you how to quickly enter the examination of colleges and universities page!For example: https://yz.chsi.com.cn/apply/cjcx/t/10001.dhtml into Beijing university scores query page: such as the link again:https://yz.chsi.com.cn/apply/cjcx/t/10003.dhtml into tsinghua university’s scores query page: find the law!The only difference between different schools is the following number, which is the “school code”. You only need to replace it with the school you are applying for.More detailed check points method reference: “the earliest next Monday did not run!Part of the school check page updated!Check your homework and do it!”At the same time, xiao Zhang also summarized some of the questions often asked by the seniors and suggested that we understand in advance, so as to avoid the confusion circle result is -1, -2??Since the results are negative, the reason must be not simple.Minus one means you missed the test, minus two means you broke the rules.What the hell are you doing without a letter count in your heart?Where should the time of result inquiry prevail after all?Result inquires time to enter oneself for an examination with province of school is accurate, for instance you take an exam in Yunnan, and what you take an examination of is the school of Jilin, see jilin province so take an examination of grind result to announce time.I can’t believe I only got this grade!Specific time, requirements, please pay attention to the online notice of each enrollment unit.Review is limited to check examinee answer paper (test questions) whether there is leakage evaluation, score accumulative total, achievement registration whether there is leakage, evaluation of leniency is not inside the scope of investigation points.It should be noted that each school has different methods for review. Some can submit the application online, while others are more troublesome. You need to download the application form and hand it in directly or mail it to the school by EMS.General schools have pictures to demonstrate the correct filling.After each school result comes out, can issue the relevant announcement of result review, can go to the graduate school home page of each school inquiry.Tip: Be aware of the time limit for applying. You will usually have two or three days to hand in your materials or mail them.In check subject respect, different school also has different regulation, can check commonly only, let you check 4 divisions likely, can check only one division likely.The result comes out, in the mind has no foundation son how to do?The best way is to refer to the national line, school line and professional line of previous years together.First of all, we should make clear these two concepts: national line, second test line.National line is the line that you must cross, crossed national line, can attend answer test perhaps, whether take an examination of go up graduate student is about to see you first try + answer test result.More detailed of all kinds of mark line circumstance can refer: “take an examination of grind national line, answer test line announces time!Fractional line actually return cent so many kinds!”When will the exam results be published?Midnight of the day?Generally is the working time announced, such as nine o ‘clock in the morning, we do not need to midnight midnight results, even if zero out of the results of the network will be card into the can not go, had to worry, check results and not grab a position, we do not have to worry too much!How do I print my transcript?To print the transcript, print horizontally on A4 paper.When printing, please choose “File” -> “Page Settings” to set the upper, lower, left and right margins to 15 mm.If you use a non-Internet Explorer browser, adjust the margins of the transcripts to make them one page.It is recommended that you print several copies of your transcript, which may come in handy when you take the second exam.Note that when printing the report card, it usually needs to be set to horizontal print direction, do not get wrong.Test number forget how to do?(1) you can sign up for the website of the test site, such as XX city admissions examination office, to see whether there is a service to provide the test site inquiry, according to enter oneself for an examination serial number login, you can see the admission ticket number.(2) Check the list of candidates on the website of the graduate Office of the examination unit.(3) You can deduce your own admission ticket number from others’ admission ticket number.(4) You can also call the enrollment office of the university to check the result or call the enrollment office of the unit where the test site is located to check the admission ticket number.Note: the site may be congested or even unable to open the page when checking points. At this time, do not panic and be calm. You can try to close the checking page first, and then query again later.Remember, don’t let these affect your mood.Check score summary small column today update results query time:01 Guangdong Province 02 Shanghai 03 Xinjiang 04 Yunnan Province 05 Shanxi 06 Qinghai 07 Guangxi Today latest results query time summary of provinces and cities query time Beijing Tianjin is expected on February 21, 2022 Hebei Shanxi February 21, 2022 10:00 Inner Mongolia Liaoning Jilin Heilongjiang February 21, 2022 Shanghai February 21, 2022 JiangsuAt 15:00 on February 21, 2022, Zhejiang province anhui Province Fujian Province Jiangxi Province 9:00 on February 21, 2022 Shandong Province henan Province 12:00 on February 21, 2022 Hubei Province Hunan Province February 22, 202210 am Guangdong February 21, 2022 17:00 Guangxi February 21, 2022 Hainan Chongqing February 21, 2022 Sichuan February 21, 2022 12 o ‘clock Guizhou Is expected in late February 2022 Yunnan February 21, 2022 Xizang Shaanxi Gansu Qinghai February 21, 2022 from 10:00 ningxia Xinjiang 2022At 17 o ‘clock on February 22, 2000