James Harden is happy that Embiid has learned to step back from the 3

2022-07-15 0 By

I was surprised to wake up and see the Philadelphia 75 beating the Bucks.Right now, Antetokounmpo is in the spotlight, with a strong roster that is poised to defend its title, and an interesting endorsement from the NBA.The 75-man team, with harden not scheduled to play until after the All-Star break, managed to beat the Bucks, relying on late quarter performances from Embiid and Maxie to keep the bucks at a loss.It was just a regular season game, and the Bucks’ stars might not be at full strength, but it was enough to show that the 75’s are talented and the ceiling is very high.If nothing else, an Embiid with big head, super center size, guard skills, learned the fadeaway of Jordan and Kobe, learned the golden chicken independence of Dirk Nowitzki, and recently learned harden’s step-back threes, is truly a divine center.Giannis antetokounmpo has evolved and gotten better this season, but Emdi has also evolved and is smarter and more nuanced than the dumber giannis antetokounmpo.Giannis antetokounmpo couldn’t play Embiid and was scared of James Harden, who made antetokounmpo so awkward in the All-Star game.Harden has yet to play, still recovering from an injury, but has already called maxi and let maxi explode in the final quarter.Some people say that the 75’s bench is not good enough and they don’t have depth, but that’s not the case. Harden is the most popular passer among young players in the league.With Harden, it’s easier for young players to get opportunities to score goals and have better numbers, which is important for their confidence and their careers.Imagine if Harden and Embiid were on the court at the same time. Who would you double team?The 75s are less capable on the perimeter than the Rockets were, but the quality of the individual players is much higher and less defensible.Last season, the 75ers didn’t get past the second round, and this time, with Harden, they have a shot at reaching the Eastern Conference, which is better than the West.The better teams in the east: Bucks, bulls, Nets, 75s, Celtics, heat.Heat, bucks are tough stubble, balanced offense and defense, win high defense, inside and outside are very strong.But, no matter, Harden has experience against these teams, trust Harden