1899 yuan!Four RTX3050 parity graphics card jd.com presale again

2022-07-15 0 By

Jingdong self-management, four RTX3050 parity graphics card recently opened the sale again, all 1899 yuan, recently interested in buying a new graphics card mainstream players can try the gas, 1899 yuan into RTX3050 really not lose!The four RTX3050 affordable graphics cards are MSI GeForce RTX3050 AERO ITX 8G, Sotai RTX3050-8GD6 X-Gaming OC, Rainbow Tomahawk GeForce RTX3050 DUO 8G and GeForce RTX3050 star.Msi’s is a single-fan design with a very short graphics card, suitable for building ITX platforms.Both the Rainbow and The Shadow are dual fan designs.Suotai is a three-fan design, graphics card size is relatively long, want to buy players need to pay attention to the installation space inside the case.For players who often play esports games, such as “The Irredeemable” and “PubG”, the RTX3050 is actually enough, and the performance is definitely better than AMD’s new RX 6500 XT.