Nanjing is home to a Buddhist shrine, built on top of an abandoned mine, and a magnificent Buddhist Palace

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Nanjing is a buddhist holy land, built on the abandoned mines, also has a magnificent palace top nanjing is a city with a long history, besides must clock in Confucius temple and sun yat-sen’s mausoleum scenic spot and the nanjing museum here, many people will choose a few different unique scenic trips, like we came to here:Nanjing has an ox head mountain, has a magnificent Buddha palace, New Year touch ox head pray!For the ox head mountain here, here can be said to have a very remote feeling, and here is very distinctive, for the ox head Mountain here the scenery is quite good, the New Year blessing is also very good.For cattle first mountain, here is a has a long history of the famous mountains, is more critical as early as the 317 years of time here is very much a scenic area, recorded a lot of history and culture, and in early years of the Tang Chaotian treasure called TianJue mountain, overall present of buddhist culture is profound,And in the southern Dynasty of Liu Song Xiaowudi Da Ming five years, niushou Mountain here the scenic area presents the scenery is quite good, and here is also called the Buddhist grottoes, so here was once known as fairy Grottoes Mountain.During southern dynasties, Buddhism is very popular here, so there is a temple in four hundred and eighty, and at the time when there is a dambulla cave temple temple, when the tang dynasty is called a macro built here sleep temple tower, more to the point when the emperor taizong dynasty years, cattle first mountain here is called the birthplace of buddhist tauren zong,It’s famous, but more importantly, it’s a world-class Buddhist shrine that has been built over an abandoned mine.For this place now, has been a national AAAAA level scenic area, the whole scenic area is a leisure tourism, Buddhist culture and historical and cultural unique scenic area, the natural scenic area here is very good, attracting countless tourists to come to play.Experience the unique scenic area and scenery here and this is a place with very nice scenery, and in the future there will be a different change here, after all, there are still two linden trees which attract people’s attention.For the current scenery of Oxbow Mountain, the bodhi trees have been protected, because they have very high requirements for temperature, so in order to protect them, an outer protection is carried out, and there is a special air conditioner inside to adjust the temperature.So the overall scenery is very good. At present, the scenery of Niushou Mountain is really good. The New Year market is also in progress, with the theme of the Year of the Tiger.Nanjing is a scenic spot worth punching in!It was once called Fairy Cave Mountain, with first-class natural scenery and 5A grade