Contract land expires after extension 30 years whole county pilot: very look forward to

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Article 32 of the seventh part “Strengthening policy Support and Institutional and Institutional Innovation” in the No. 1 document of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council on Comprehensively Promoting the Key Work of Rural Revitalization in 2022, released on January 4, 2022, the expenditure should focus on the implementation of key tasks of rural reform.Among them, the first proposed to carry out the second round of land contract after the expiration of 30 years of the whole county pilot.2028, most of the country’s third round of rural land contract management will begin, the central no. 1 document to promote the whole county pilot, which will be the upcoming third round of rural land contract management to lay the foundation for providing experience.1. Household contract management responsibility system: The land issue has always been a key issue in China’s revolution and construction, and the essence and core of the land issue is the relationship between farmers and land.Our country is socialist country, land is to realize socialist public ownership.In rural areas, public ownership is reflected in the fair access of farmers to contracted management rights.However, the acquisition of contracted management rights began after the third Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee in 1978.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, we implemented the experience of “beating the tuhao and dividing up the land” in the liberated areas, and the enthusiasm of the peasants for production greatly increased after they acquired the land. Under such difficult circumstances, we won a series of victories, including “resisting the United States and helping Korea”.This is closely related to agrarian revolution and reform.After 1957, our country gradually through the “primary cooperatives”, “senior cooperatives” and “people’s commune” to the public ownership of rural land, the establishment of “team based, three levels of ownership” “people’s commune” system.Because the system does not link enthusiasm, creativity and results of work, there are few things to distribute, despite the high annual points.Under this system, the peasants did not have enough food, clothes and even starved to death.In Xiaogang Village, Fengyang County, Anhui Province, 18 farmers risked their lives to contract their land and achieved good results.Later, this practice was implemented nationwide after the third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee.The household contract management responsibility system links the enthusiasm of labor with the results of labor. “We give enough to the state, keep enough to the collective, and keep the rest for ourselves.”Farmers’ enthusiasm for production was brought into full play through the household contract system, which changed China from a poor country and “fed 20% of the world’s population with 7% of the world’s arable land”.2. Problems existing since the first round of contracting In the beginning of the reform and opening up, due to the low level of social and economic development, most farmers can only obtain operating income through agricultural production.Therefore, in the years after 1978, this system played a great role in promoting rural social and economic development.However, with the development of productive forces, especially with the improvement of urbanization and industrialization level, a large number of farmers have moved to urbanization, and some inherent problems of the household contract management system have gradually emerged.The first is small scale, solve the problem of eating, but can not solve the problem of getting rich.Household contract management not only needs to emphasize the equal distribution of quantity, but also requires the good and bad collocation of quality.Because of the large number of people in Our country and the small amount of land, so each family is divided into many pieces of land, which reduces the efficiency of labor production, can not solve the problem of farmers getting rich.Secondly, some families have no land and little land.As household contract management requires “no increase in land for life and no reduction in land for death” during the contract period, the solidification of contracted management rights leads to some families having less land and no land, which is contrary to the requirement of fair access to land required by public ownership.The third is after the confirmation of the right, the registration of land rights solidified, the new population lack of land.Since 2013, the state has confirmed, issued and registered rural land rights in rural areas through trials and comprehensive implementation. Strictly speaking, after confirming and registering rural land rights, land is still farmers’ property rights, even if land is separated from human beings.This solidification protects the rights and interests of the original farmers, but for the new farmers, because there is no land to divide, so its land property rights and interests are difficult to reality and guarantee.3. Effectively safeguard farmers’ land property rights and implement the land property rights and interests of women, children and other vulnerable groups as required by the state to pilot the third round of land contract management. The key issue is to solve the problem of protecting the land property rights and interests of the new population, especially vulnerable groups such as women and children, after the consolidation of land rights.On the one hand, want to hold a circumstance to give to touch platoon to existing land property.In the case of non-existence of family or death of population, the land contract management right shall be recovered in accordance with the law during the third round of contracting according to the provisions of the state policy.On the other hand, we should establish the withdrawal mechanism of land contract management rights.Collective dividends can even now be shared out, thanks to rights that are solidified and cost zero to hold.This gave the contract right to withdraw to create an obstacle.To this end, one should establish a paid exit mechanism;Second, land that has not been cultivated or managed for a long time must be reclaimed according to law.Finally, the system of maneuver land should be established.In the initial stage of the third round of land contracting, some flexible land should be reserved to ensure that the people who have no land for a long time and little land can be contracted for the benefit of the contracting period.Farmers contracted land, large area to grow carrots In Pingyin County, Jinan, Shandong Province farmers contracted land to grow wheat to help farmers increase their income