U ball live: lebron James the Los Angeles Lakers fought back to defeat the Los Angeles Clippers by one point

2022-07-13 0 By

U-ball live: lebron James offered encouragement to his Los Angeles Lakers teammates after a narrow loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on Thursday.James is currently sidelined with a swollen knee and has missed the last five games in a row.The Lakers played on the second night of a back-to-back, but still managed to erase a 17-point deficit to make it a one-possession game against their crosstown rivals.Although the ball touched all parts of the basket, they trailed by one because Anthony Davis’s potential game-winner didn’t fall.Here’s what lebron James tweeted after the final buzzer: “Just need to stop during this time!Brothers battle on b2b night 2 “Reggie Jackson scored the Clippers’ comeback basket before Anthony Davis’ try with four seconds left in the game.There were no timeouts for the Los Angeles Lakers as Davis charged down the court for a shot.The Los Angeles Lakers’ biggest problem is injuries.They had to deal with a similar situation last season, which saw them slip into the play-offs.This case doesn’t look much different now.They find themselves in a similar position with a 25-28 record.The lakers are four games behind the Sixth-place Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference.Lebron James has missed 17 games so far, affecting the Los Angeles Lakers’ inability to win.They are 6-11 without James.When he’s healthy, Anthony Davis can’t play, making it difficult for Frank Vogel and his staff to adjust, given how important the pairing is to their plans.