The Chinese team won the first gold medal in the Winter Olympics!How much do you know about short track speed skating mixed relay?

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Peninsula all media reporter Pan Lichao February 5 evening, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games short track speed skating event in the Capital Gymnasium.In the 2,000m mixed team relay, China sent its strongest team of Fan Kexin, Qu Chunyu, Ren Ziwei and Wu Dajing to the final and finally won gold.The mixed team relay is making its winter Olympic debut after being included in the short track Speed Skating World Cup for the 2018-19 season.The distance of the event is 2,000 meters, and two men and two women from one country will complete 18 laps together.Each athlete completes the stage twice in the following order: women – women – men – men – women – women – men – men.For the first cycle, each person will do two and a half laps, and for the second cycle, two laps.Short track speed skating is the full name of short track speed skating. Different from other sports that simply compare athletic ability, short track speed skating has a complex tactical system and is a sport that comprehensively examines athletes’ individual quality and ability and collective tactical cooperation.In the final, China sent its best team of Fan Kexin, Qu Chunyu, Ren Ziwei and Wu Dajing to the final.The Chinese team will start from lane four.On the first start, Fan Kexin took the lead, but the referee stopped the race.Starting again, Van Kexin held Hungary to third, with Italy and Canada leading the opening lap.Qu Chunyu from the inside to finish the second run of Canada, the third run of Ren Ziwei to the first, the fourth run of Wu Dajing to hold the lead.When Fan Kexin opened the gap, Italy and Canada collided and fell.Qu Chunyu firmly in the lead, the Chinese team has victory in hand.Finally, 2:37.3, Wu Dajing rush line!The Chinese team won the event.In the semifinal, The Chinese team was blocked at one point and fell to the last, and the four players tried to chase and surpass.In the end, the U.S. and Russian Olympic teams in the same group with China were ruled to be fouls, and China and Hungary advanced to the final.It is understood that short track speed skating fouls are divided into starting fouls and track sliding fouls.If the athlete deliberately slows down his preparation after the starter calls “ready” and causes another athlete to foul his start, the athlete will be given a “delay warning”.Any part of the skater on the starting line or over the starting line will be considered a starting foul.A total of only one foul is allowed in each race. Any athlete who commits a foul in the second start will be fouled and will have to leave the ice quickly under the guidance of the referee.Foul behavior of sliding track, short track speed skating ramp is shorter, more players at the same time, to thrust, so format allows athletes to a certain extent, there is physical contact, but in order to push, collision, out of the chute, slow down, kicking out ways to advance obstacles and interference with other athletes will be regarded as a foul.A player who is deemed to have committed a foul will be disqualified.Fan Kexin was born in 1993 and was selected to the Chinese women’s short track Speed skating team in 2010. She has won many short track Speed skating World Cups by the International Skating Federation.Fan Kexin won the silver medal in the women’s 1,000m at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.Wu, who was born in 1994, is the short-track speed skating world record holder in the men’s 500-meter race. He joined the national team in 2010 and won the 500-meter title at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics.Ren ziwei, born in 1997, started skating in 2004 and joined the national team in 2014.Ren ziwei won the silver medal in the men’s 5,000m relay with Han Tianyu, Xu Hongzhi and Chen Dequan at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.Qu Chunyu, born in 1996, won the women’s 3,000m relay title with Fan Kexin, Han Yutong and Zhang Yuting in the 2019-20 ISU Short track Speed Skating World Cup.