Professional inspection to comprehensively improve the “insurance coefficient” and take various measures to implement the “100-day Battle” for production safety

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Sanxiang City Daily On January 31 (all media reporter Li Qi correspondent Wang Yaping) On January 27, Hunan Cancer Hospital invited Changsha city fire rescue detachment senior engineer Yan Fengcai to the hospital for fire work site guidance and inspection, comprehensively improve the hospital safety production “insurance coefficient”.It is understood that in order to implement the superior departments on the production safety work of the series of decisions and deployment, in-depth promotion of the end of the year at the beginning of the “100-day battle” work, hunan cancer hospital in recent days to carry out a number of measures to carry out safety production inspection and rectification, nip in the bud, effectively ensure the safety and stability of the hospital.Meeting arrangement, compacting responsibility.Before section, the hospital party committee held a special meeting of safe production work.At the meeting, Vice president Hu Jun conveyed the spirit of the emergency meeting on production safety held by the provincial Health Commission, and redeployed, mobilized and strengthened the work of production safety in the hospital.It was clear at the meeting that the leaders of the hospital carried out non-dead corner and dragnet investigation in the divided areas, including water and electricity, drugs, chemicals, narcotic drugs, food safety, medical safety, biological safety, laboratory safety, etc.Invite fire protection professionals to carry out on-site investigation of key departments with hidden safety hazards, and check from source to destination.Meeting requirements check books, records;Strict implementation of accountability system, who is in charge, who is responsible, all staff in the hospital should be full of spirit, work, responsibility, rectification, measures to ensure safety and stability.Innovative ways, publicity and guidance.The hospital propagandises the knowledge of work safety in winter through monthly meeting of the hospital, morning meeting of the department, wechat public platform, Intranet, wechat work group and other ways and means.At the same time, the Department of Security organized fire experts to carry out fire knowledge training for some departments and new employees in 2021, to further improve the awareness of fire safety of employees.The leadership is in charge of the rectification within a time limit.In order to implement the safety production “100-day war” work, Party secretary Yu Huayue, president Xiao Yazhou and other hospital leaders group led the whole hospital safety production investigation.Through “check the scene, the record, side to ask questions, to all environmental management department, fire control facilities and safe passage, utility, special equipment, drugs, drug management, food safety management and so on has carried on the comprehensive inspection, details about each department management, scheduling, the Spring Festival the critically ill patient whether poison hemp drug management and emergency measures to reach the designated position,The knowledge of fire emergency in some departments was checked.The inspection team made a detailed record of the hidden problems found in the inspection process, and required the relevant departments to formulate rectification measures, and the rectification within a time limit.Professional guidance to check and fill gaps.According to the safety inspection requirements of “seamless and full coverage”, on the afternoon of January 27, the hospital invited Yan Fengcai, senior engineer of Changsha Fire rescue Detachment, to the hospital for on-site guidance and investigation of fire work.Emphasis was placed on checking the fire control management of power distribution room, boiler room, fire control center, strong and weak electric well, canteen, construction site and other areas of the hospital, and spot checking of some ward staff’s grasp of the “four abilities” of fire safety.Make a list of the problems found in the inspection, and the security Department will issue a letter of rectification within a specified period.Said wu jun, vice President of the hunan province tumor hospital, the hospital will be combined with the current production safety and production safety situation three years focus a clampdown, resolutely implement the national health system of biological safety and production safety video conference, provincial mental health committee of the party group meeting, the deployment grasp the real response to low temperature sleet freezing weather, epidemic prevention and control, medical treatment,Pay close attention to “key departments” and “key links”, so as to ensure the hospital staff and patients warm holidays, safe winter.