Police in Chongqing have seized more than 20 tons of fake name-brand daily chemicals

2022-07-13 0 By

The picture shows the police seized fake name-brand daily chemicals.Jiulongpo district of chongqing city public security bureau bureau for figure Beijing, chongqing, March 15 (xinhua reporter Liu Xianglin) reporter learned from jiulongpo district of chongqing city public security bureau branch that 15 in the chongqing municipal public security bureau under the guidance of anti-counterfeit corps, jiulongpo district police raid carried out on a dens counterfeits is investigated, the scene seized fake brand cosmetic products more than 20 tons.At the end of 2021, jiulongpo District Public Security bureau food and drug environmental investigation detachment in the work found a sale of counterfeit well-known brands of daily chemical products clues.The police immediately set up a task force, through research and judgment, to determine the identity of liang, Qin two suspects.Police found that the two suspects have a strong sense of anti – reconnaissance, the crime is also different from the traditional sale of fake.Instead of storing them in a warehouse, they bought three large abandoned trucks and stored the goods in truck containers, creating a highly mobile environment.Trucks are parked on a remote stretch of road in the main city of Chongqing, where transactions are often conducted at 3 or 4 a.m.Before the transaction, the suspect made a conscious “patrol” on the surrounding roads and made sure that the surrounding unmanned cars could be traded quickly.After mastering the trading rules, the police after a night of stakeout, will be trading Liang mou, Qin mou arrested on the spot, seized more than 3000 boxes of fake P&G and Unilever brand daily chemical products, more than 20 tons.The fake shampoos and body washes, including Head and Shoulders, Qingyang and Safeguard, were valued at around 2 million yuan.After arriving at the case, the two suspects confessed to the crime of selling fake daily chemical products of well-known brands in Chongqing since 2020.The two were taken compulsory measures by the public security organs in accordance with the law on suspicion of selling goods with fake registered trademarks.At present, the case is digging further in expanding the line.(after)