In 2010, a wealthy family was arrested for shooting a man in the street

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Every parent has a desire for their children to become successful, but it takes a method to cultivate excellent children. Spoiling them blindly will only harm their children.At midnight on November 29, 2010, a white Jetta car opened at the gate of the police station in Jinxiang County, Jining City, Shandong Province. Before the car stopped, a young man hurried off and ran toward the police station in a panic. As he ran, he shouted, help, help, murder!When the police heard this, they hurried out to check the situation. They saw a man lying on the back seat of the car, covered with blood.The reporter, still in shock, said intermittently that he and several friends were suddenly chased by a white Cruz car on the road, and the man in the car took out a long gun and shot at their car.The police asked the reporter if he had any animosity with the other side, but the young man looked sad and sad. I didn’t know him at all…Soon after, the police will shoot the man caught, did not expect the murderer was a well-known local rich second generation, several enterprises in the home.When asked why he shot him, Fuerdai said, ‘I took revenge for a man.’In the middle of the night, the caller is Jia Feifei, who was shot in the back seat is Hao Jian.On the evening of Nov. 29, Jia and Hao were among a dozen people who gathered to celebrate a friend’s birthday.A group of them that day after dinner, and went to the disco to continue to play, until about 11:45 p.m., a group of people broke up.Jia feifei, Hao Jian and another friend, Zhang Jiajia, took two separate Jettas home.Because it was late at night, there were hardly any vehicles on the road, so young people were playing hard. Zhang Jiajia suggested that we get two cars together to see who could speed up fast.Jia feifei, of course, refused to be cowed, agreed, then put gear, speed up, the two cars flew out.During the drag race, Jia fei and his gang noticed a strange white Cruze car following them along the road.Jia Feifei and Zhang Jiajia and others felt that the car was very strange, they quickly turned around and surrounded the Cruz car from a left and a right direction, trapping the other party in the middle.Jia feifei also felt his driving skills, excited toward Zhang Jiajia and other friends watching the whistle.But at this time, the other car zhang Jiajia suddenly look great change, a face of panic shouted, run, he has a gun!Jia looked sideways and saw the window of the white Cruz open at some point and a black barrel sticking out.Jia Feifei was head “buzz” of a stupefied, Zhang Jiajia roared “run”, Jia Feifei just came to his mind, did not think about stepping on the accelerator to the end, hurriedly turned towards the road.In the chaos, Jia feifei and Zhang Jiajia ran in different directions, and the white Cruz car circled around and began biting Jia’s car.Jia peeked in his rearview mirror, his scalp tingling, and he vaguely saw a man poking his head out and pointing a gun in his direction.Ignoring the risk of speeding, he tried to get away from the car behind him, but the Cruze soon overtook him.Jia heard a series of gunshots exploding in his ears, followed by a groan of pain from Hao Jian sitting behind him.Not daring to stop, he shivered all the way to the police station, and this was the beginning of the scene.After receiving the report, the police immediately realized that this was an unprecedented major shooting in Jinxiang County. The director of the Public Security Bureau of Jinxiang County personally directed the police to immediately set up a task force and sent all the police to the scene of the incident. One group of people went to investigate the situation and one group of people went to the hospital to check hao Jian’s situation.Unfortunately, hao Jian died of his wounds after the police arrived at the hospital.According to a doctor’s assessment, Hao jian’s fatal wound was in his head. A single bullet left a four-centimeter wound on the right side of his brain behind his ear.On the other side, rushed to the scene of the police also investigated quite rich information, from jia Feifei driving vehicle shot, the weapon should be a shotgun, the murderer is four or five rounds, bullets left three shocking holes on the glass, the back seat is all the blood of Hao Jian.From jia Feifei vehicle damage situation, the task force police think, this murderer start very fierce, like hao Jian must be put to death like.Police also found surveillance video of jia Feifei, Zhang Jiajia and White Cruz during a car tangle.It is obvious from the picture that the white Cruz has been ambushed in advance near the disco where Jia feifei and others gather, which is likely to be a premeditated murder.Jinxiang county police decided to start with the Cruze investigation.At that time, there were only more than 100 such cars matching the characteristics in Jining city and about eight in Jinxiang County, so the police searched the owners one by one, but still failed to find the killer.When the investigation reached an impasse, Jia feifei remembered a key piece of information.Originally, that night, Jia Feifei and Hao Jian were driving to the disco on the road, such as a red light, sitting in the passenger seat of the young man rolled down the window spit spit, just fell on the side of the road at the feet of a young woman.The woman immediately swore at Jia feifei’s car, Jia feifei and his friends came up in a rage, got out of the car and had an argument with the woman, the woman was standing next to a man, also involved in the Shouting war, from verbal argument to push, Jia Feifei also kicked the woman.After the event, that woman has been angrily roar, you wait, I with you endless, I must revenge you.Jia didn’t pay attention to the police’s statement at that time. Now, in retrospect, the young woman could have been involved in the shooting.Police soon found the woman who threatened “revenge”, but when the officers called her in for questioning, the woman said she only talked brave, but did not carry out the action.Later the police through the investigation of the woman’s phone records, the course of action that night, and so on, proved that the woman and the shooting case.Clue again interrupt, jin Xiang police a head two big, the murderer in the end hidden where?With the arrest of the real murderer delayed, jinxiang County gradually filled with a tense atmosphere, because the prisoner had a gun, the public panic, which brought great pressure to jinxiang police.The police decided to comb the case again, again after digging deeply, the police found that jia Feifei went to celebrate the birthday of that person called Bi Dexue, the party of those people are mostly the wandering youth of the surrounding towns, complex social relations.Suspecting revenge from the group’s enemies, police expanded their investigation to nearby towns.Sure enough, in a county near Jinxiang called Jiaxiang, the police made an important discovery — a young woman had told others that her boyfriend had had an accident because he had fired a gun.This clue attracted the attention of the police, through secret investigation, found that the young woman’s boyfriend called Hou Peipei, just disappeared the next day in the case, not only that, several friends of Hou Peipei also disappeared the next day in the case.One of them, Gao Han, was the focus of the police, because people reported to the police that they had seen Gao Han playing with a four-shot shotgun. If the clues are true, this man is likely to be the real shooter.Police launched an arrest operation, and based on surveillance and identification card tracking, police determined that Gao fled to Guangyuan city in Sichuan province, while Hou fled to Heilongjiang Province.Task force officers and soldiers are divided into two roads, soon in guangyuan a factory will be hidden gaohan captured, on the other side, Hou Peipei also successfully arrested.Hou Peipei caught the murderer was arrested, Jinxiang police also relieved, later according to The account of Gao Han, the police from a well in gao Han’s home found two has not been assembled double shotgun and more than a dozen bullets.This is the end of a mass shooting.When Gao Han was brought into the interrogation room, the police feel very confused, Gao Han home is very rich, his father is a well-known local entrepreneur in Jiaxiang, there are several factories in the home, business is good, the mother also opened a decoration company, even gao Han himself, also opened a good thermal insulation factory.Gao Han’s background seems to be a good rich second generation, how could he be involved in the murder?When the police asked Why to kill Gao Han, Gao Han a relaxed face, does not seem to care about the dead, he said, he is to give a friend, and that friend, he is not too familiar.With the in-depth investigation, the police found that this case was involved in more than ten people, and the cause of the incident, just a small traffic accident.04 the reason behind the original, a few months before the shooting, a man named Su Xianzheng jinxiang, his relatives and other people’s battery car collision, it was not a big thing, but the two sides are very fierce, also said to call people to beat each other.As a result, another person started first and called more than ten people to beat Su Xianzheng and his relatives.Su Xianzheng swallow this tone, want to find revenge, so find a friend Wu Man, let him go to teach people, and lesson object, it is the protagonist of the birthday party — Bi Dexue.This Wu man is a man with a criminal record, just came out of prison soon, he thought are jinxiang people, their own bad to come forward, so a phone call to find gao Han living in Jiaxiang.Although the family is rich, their parents are busy with their business and seldom pay attention to education.Then Gao Han dropped out of school at the age of 14 and began to run a business. He firmly believed that “the road is easier with more friends”, so he made friends widely and got to know a group of social youths who did not work properly. Wu Man was one of them.A friend begged for his help, Gao Han promised, but also asked Wu Man what requirements.At that time Su Xianzheng was angry, he said to take the gun, bi Dexue a leg.Gao Han heard to bring a gun, hesitated, he and Su Xianzheng do not know, but in the face of Wu Man, Gao Han still quickly agreed to come down.So bidexue birthday that day, Gao Han and Hou Pei pei and others, borrowed a Cruz car, guard outside the disco, ready to start.But because it is dark, Gao Han mistook Hao Jian as Bi Dexue, plus they were found by Jia Feifei et al., panic, Gao Han shot four times, killed Hao Jian.After gao Han was arrested, he only knew that he had made a mistake and killed an individual, but he did not even know hao Jian’s name.An innocent life was lost because of such a ridiculous “brotherhood”.05 Conclusion all say that the upper beam is not straight and the lower beam is crooked, the high and cold from the rich family children to the road of crime, and family education has a great impact.When Gao Han’s father was young, he also liked to wield knives and guns, so even if he knew that Gao Han hid a gun at home and turned a blind eye, Gao Han dropped out of school after doing business, in order to collect money with violence, fraud and other illegal acts, Gao Han’s father is also using money to settle.It is because of gao Han father blindly connivance, just let gao Han legal consciousness is weak, until he was arrested is still a face of indifference, always thought that can be settled with money.However, ignoring the law will eventually face a heavy price, Gao Han and Hou Peipei and other people will be severely punished by the law.