Find out if your hometown is on the list of China’s top 5 drinkable provinces in 2022

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Which province is the heaviest drinker?Was mentioned the topic, often in condition of circle, everyone, however, all of them feel provinces to drink the best, who also defy who, then, after some analysis condition of discussion, selected the five alcohol wanda province, next, I take you to see the five great capacity for liquor wanda province, by the way, could you share me with some wine, the content is a little long,It is recommended to collect and then read.1. Inner Mongolia in numerous awards, and basically people need are ranked first in Inner Mongolia, swirl, besides meat, is Inner Mongolia people’s favorite things, drink have been through to People’s Daily lives in Inner Mongolia, drinking is like eating 12 degrees, for Inner Mongolia people, that is no problem of beverage, to be honest, can when drink wine to drink,Only Inner Mongolia.Look at the Yuan Dynasty, up to the power, down to the people, are basically wine, grassland man, chivalry and courage, wine and meat, is absolutely favorite.Shandong people are famous for their ability to drink alcohol, especially the saying “drink beer casually, white wine half a catty” is very evil, and, in the eyes of many people, Shandong is the no.1 province of alcohol.Many friends who have been to Shandong will be very entangled, that is, when the host family gives a banquet, to drink, if not drink, it is not to give face, but if drink wine, it is estimated that they have to explain in Shandong.In fact, there is no exaggeration in everyone’s imagination, Shandong people are very easy-going, the way of Confucius and Mencius is practiced in the body, if really can’t drink, they will choose to understand, will not really let you drink much wine.But shandong people love to drink, and shandong also made some fine wine, which MADE it, in my opinion, the best wine in Shandong, but it made it elegant, fat, pure and sweet, and briefly flavored with sesame seeds. But the wine didn’t make it too big a splash on the outside, but it didn’t make the splash for white wine, but it made big hopes for the future.3. In my opinion, the main reason why people in northeast China can drink alcohol is the influence of climate.Northeast weather is cold, people used to drink some wine to warm the stomach, over time, it caused the northeast people like to drink, but also practiced a strong amount of alcohol, so in the king of wine ranking, there is a place in the northeast.There are a lot of liquor in northeast China, but the only famous liquor should only be, as the main low-end market, Lao Cun Chang’s sales are very large every year, with Niulanshan, Erguotou, and Laobaigan, many years of wine friends drink liquor for the first time, basically will choose Laobaigan.4. A lot of friends in Yunnan who have been to Yunnan feedback that Yunnan people drink very badly, especially ethnic minorities drink, that is called a fierce, big bowl of drinking what?I remember that once I went to yunnan with my friends to participate in the Year of yi people, and I saw many brothers from Yunnan holding a pot to drink. That time really shocked me, and I fully understood how terrible the drinking capacity of Yunnan people is. Therefore, Yunnan is naturally the most important province in terms of drinking capacity.Yunnan famous wine is not much, but a lot of good wine is in yunnan, yunnan characteristic of wine, is absolutely, basically a lot of people in yunnan are bake their own wine, all kinds of smell wine fragrance, so I baked and from pure grain brewing wine, without any added, good drink, not above to never go lijiang in yunnan not regret, the most unfortunately did not drink yunnan since the roasting.How do people in Guizhou drink alcohol?Guizhou wine friends joke: if you don’t drink in Guizhou, you can’t make friends.Guizhou is a famous wine town in China. Thirty percent of the liquor in China is produced in Guizhou. Some people jokingly say that the air in Guizhou is filled with layers of wine fragrance.There are numerous guizhou wines, among which Moutai is the most famous. It is the top liquor in China, and it can be said that it is a household name. However, what I want to share today is not Moutai, but another liquor.This liquor is in the same position as Moutai, and uses the same old Moutai people’s brewing technology. Interestingly, this liquor is actually a maotai-flavor liquor, and more interestingly, its taste is 95% similar to That of Moutai.According to the breweries, the original intention was to create a maotai-flavor liquor comparable to Maotai, but unexpectedly created a wine with such a similar taste, so the liquor was named “imitation Tai liquor”.Many patrons think maotai is too expensive, so will choose to buy the wine, and the wine quality is very good, a lot of a wine drinkers basically is powder, it also caused the “rising star” liquor, became the best-selling wine guizhou, have to say, it is really a coincidence, everything is a “predestination”.The above is today’s share, the serial number does not represent the ranking, because it is selected by the drinking friends themselves, so the result is slightly one-sided, I hope you can bear with me, if there is something wrong, please point out, if you think there is a new ranking, you can also leave a message in the comment section to discuss.Every province has heavy drinkers and non-drinkers, and ranking doesn’t mean anything.I hope you drink in moderation and drink healthy wine.