China’s hybrid technology to achieve a big leap: a detailed explanation of star nuclear power ET-I all-engine superhybrid

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Star Road Automobile officially released its own new hybrid architecture — star nuclear power ET-I full engine super hybrid technology, and officially announced that the first model will be equipped with this hybrid system chifeng ET-I.What is noteworthy is that Star Road this time loudly claimed that this ET-I architecture has realized the stride of China’s hybrid technology from the 1.0 stage to the 2.0 stage.So, is this bluff or is it real?01 What are we talking about when we talk about mixing?In the recent year, China’s hybrid market is very busy.Byd DM-I first appeared, followed by Great Wall Lemon DHT and Changan Blue Whale IDD, followed by Chery Kunpeng DHT and Geely Raytheon Zhiqing Hi·X hybrid system, starway ET-I is the first shot in the 2022 hybrid market, of course, there are SAIC EDU and GAC GMC before this.The name alone is enough to dazzle people. Ordinary people only know that hybrids are more fuel-efficient than petrol cars. As for the technology, it is hard to tell which is which.Let’s simplify things and see what consumers want first.More and more people pay attention to hybrid technology, of course, because of fuel saving at first. For example, Toyota THS hybrid, which has been born for nearly 25 years and is well known to consumers all over the world, has long been a commonplace in bear fuel consumption.But today’s consumers, especially Chinese consumers, have become more and more difficult to “serve”, for hybrid technology, they want to save fuel, but also to accelerate, to smoothness, but also to NVH sound insulation effect, summed up in a sentence is: I want it all.That’s hard for engineers to do.Fuel consumption and power are inherently difficult to balance, and ride comfort is directly dependent on the structural design orientation. If you want to achieve the best of all, you need to adopt more advanced technology, which in the past has inevitably brought high costs, such as gm’s Volt, which has been shelved because of its high cost.It can be said that the birth of a set of hybrid technology is actually a process of trade-off, often cannot have it both ways.Toyota THS hybrid has an amazing performance in urban fuel consumption with low cost and fully verified reliability. However, due to the structural limitations of motor and engine decoupling (which can be understood as disconnection), acceleration performance and fuel consumption in high-speed cruising are both its shortcomings.Honda I-MMD and BYD DM-I bring better acceleration with high-power motors and complete the decoupling of engine and motor, but the increased direct connection mechanism brings the impact of power flow switch, which is a challenge to the durability of the structure, and the adaptability of the single-gear structure is not good enough.Great Wall lemon DHT added a two-gear transmission to solve the second problem, but the cost increased as a result.The 3-gear DHT launched by Geely Raytheon Zhiqing Hi·X solves all the above problems perfectly through two sets of planetary gears in theory. However, like GENERAL Volt, whether it can control the cost of the high-precision planetary gears is its biggest problem. At least, the pre-sale price of the petrol-electric hybrid VERSION of The Starlite L has reached more than 170,000 yuan.But at this time, Star road took out a set of hybrid architecture named ET-I, and told the industry that all these problems can be solved, will you be interested?02 The starting point is not low and the ceiling is very high. Let’s examine the strength of this ET-I from the three dimensions of technology, cost and reliability.Xingti summarizes the basic technical characteristics of ET-I hybrid with a group of numbers 33911, which refers to “3 engines, 3 gears, 9 modes and 11 speeds”.The so-called 3 engine refers to the drive system composed of one engine and two motors of ET-I (two-drive version, four-drive version more than one rear axle motor).This is the first on the Chinese market can participate in both motor driver of the vehicle configuration, other hybrid technology is only involved in a motor drive, globally, there is only a more general planetary gear hybrid architecture have the ability to do this, so the way to foster the ET -i “the world’s leading”, “China’s first” and “industry” label is not brag.This unique design can be said to be the foundation of all the design of ET-I hybrid, and is also the key to distinguish it from other Chinese hybrid technologies.Take the upcoming star Tuchaser ET-I, for example.Unlike the same song PLUS DM-I, which uses a 132/145KW motor, its ET-I system integrates two motors, one and one, of 55kW /160N·m and 70kW/155N·m.Although the combined power is similar to that of the former, the two motors of ET-I can choose to use one or two drives according to the power needs, just like transformers. In this way, the situation of large horse pulling car is avoided, especially in the initial stage, which can improve the efficiency of the motor and reduce energy consumption.Of course, the quality of these two motors is also very strong. The use of ultra-high density I-PIN flat wire motor and other new technologies to reduce the volume, ultimately helping the whole ET-I system to achieve a specific power of 6.0KW /kg.Another benefit of dual motor drive is that it can be combined with TSD biaxial drive technology to achieve seamless power flow switching.When the vehicle needs to carry out power conversion between motor and direct drive engine, if it is a hybrid architecture such as I-MMD and DM-I, the impact of switching will be inevitable, but ET-I can achieve a “soft landing” of one motor through the power variation of the two motors.In conclusion, ET-I technology realizes the organic integration of seamless power transfer of Toyota THS and direct engine drive of I-MMD.But this is not enough. To solve the efficiency problem when the engine is driven directly at high speed, ET-I also integrates three gears internally.The three gears can not only adjust the torque and speed of the engine when the vehicle is low, medium and high speed, but also adjust the speed of the engine when the engine generates electricity to the motor through different gear ratios of the gears, improving the conversion efficiency, which can be said to be two birds with one stone.The final result is that the ET-I hybrid can realize up to 9 driving modes (four-wheel drive version), with strong adaptability and no bias in either pure urban or pure high speed:When the fast is fast, the two-drive version can output 240kW (326 horsepower) comprehensive maximum power, 100km acceleration 6.8 seconds, the four-drive version of the system comprehensive maximum power of 338kW (460 horsepower), 100km acceleration can enter the 4-second club;When the province is province, the feed fuel consumption of the two-drive version is only 4.9L/h100km.So, the cost of such a powerful system must be high?In terms of hardware materials, the hair-Pin structure flat wire oil-cooled motor tesla has just been used, and the ET-I hybrid uses a more advanced i-PIN structure flat wire motor. The cost is certainly not low, but the manufacturing difficulty and cost of the motor increase with the significant increase in power.The combined solution of two medium-power motors may have a lower overall cost than the single-motor solution of the same power, and is more conducive to the realization of autonomy and control when high-end equipment in China’s manufacturing industry depends on imports.Conversely, the dual drive motor combination design can also leave enough margin for future power upgrades.Therefore, this ET-I hybrid action is one of the key projects of “New energy Vehicles” in the national key RESEARCH and development plan of “13th Five-Year Plan”. A very important index is “cost-effective” and “independent and controllable”. It is not for nothing that it can stand out from the schemes of many enterprises and become a “national” hybrid architecture.So many benefits, the difficulty is not without.With three power sources and three gear and come to dozens or even hundreds of gear, which greatly increases the difficulty and workload of adjustment.Through comprehensive analysis of tens of thousands of measured big data, engineers of Starway auto finally selected 11 gear combinations that can cover all car scenes, and finally had the most power gear combinations of Chinese brands at present.At the same time, according to the introduction of Dr. Zhou Zhiguang, executive Director of Starway Powertrain Technology Center, ET-I hybrid can also connect the power control system and navigation system through the all-road adaptive power mode, so as to identify road conditions in advance and realize the optimal power scheme intelligently.The solution of auxiliary adjustment by intelligent network technology also brings new ideas to the optimization of hybrid system.In general, this ET-I system can be described as “not a low start but a very high ceiling”. It has shown a very high technical level just after its release. Meanwhile, its future ceiling completely depends on the subsequent adjustment and optimization of engineers and the continuous application of intelligent technology.Of course, compared with the above, tianya jun is most concerned about the reliability of this system, after all, no matter how good the technology is, it is meaningful to large-scale production.From the current design, although the dual motor and triple gear structure is used, it seems more complex than the single gear, but because the dual drive motor structure brings more optimized motor load, the lower speed difference is also conducive to reduce the clutch pressure.Starway also emphasizes the use of the original FIO fixed-point injection oil cooling technology at the motor level. During the operation of the motor, the temperature rise of the motor is effectively controlled through multi-point uniform injection and rotor oil cooling technology, so that the motor can reach 1.5 times the average service life of the industry. Therefore, the reliability of THE ET-I system is worth looking forward to.To sum up, the launch of STAR NUCLEAR Power ET-I yesterday happened to be the time when Chery Group released its annual sales data. By the end of last year, Chery had achieved a total sales volume of 10 million units worldwide.Standing at such a new starting point, the release of ET-I technology has a greater significance than the technology itself. It is not only a technical “muscle show” of Xingtu as a high-end brand, but also a milestone event of xingtu brand’s own development, marking xingtu’s formal attack to the potential of infinite hybrid market.We are also looking forward to the upcoming chaser ET-I and the test performance of subsequent models. Please continue to pay attention.