Zhangjiajie traffic police brigade: comprehensively strengthen the epidemic prevention and control work

2022-07-12 0 By

“Hello, please show me your health code and itinerary code.”On the afternoon of January 26, in zhangjiajie City Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment directly under a brigade vehicle management hall door, the brigade epidemic prevention and control duty staff to see a working masses ready to enter the hall, polite reminder said.Since the middle of January, according to the request of epidemic prevention and control command departments at all levels, in order to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control, ensure people’s health and safety, the brigade combined with work reality, comprehensively strengthen epidemic prevention and control work, set up at the entrance of brigade and the window unit dedicated epidemic prevention and control equipment, and arrange the specialist unattended, urged business people wearing masks, thermometers according to requirements of the epidemic prevention,And to its health code and travel code carefully checked.At the same time, the brigade further strengthened its internal safety protection, the canteen carried out meals at different times and different peaks, and arranged special personnel to disinfect the public area of the brigade every day, effectively strengthening the internal epidemic prevention and control measures.Recently, in view of the migrant school staff focus on home, a surge in traffic flow, the situation of the epidemic prevention and control pressure surge, the brigade group all the police, staff, and assist auxiliary police continue to carry forward the spirit of the epidemic prevention and control in the summer of 2021, city “retrograde”, 24-hour on-duty in jurisdiction and epidemic prevention card points, a joint fight in the first line and epidemic prevention, epidemic prevention workers day and nightThey have jointly built a “firewall” for epidemic prevention and control.