Zhangjiachuan Hui Autonomous County in Gansu province has issued a blue alert for frost

2022-07-12 0 By

Zhangjiachuan County meteorological Observatory in 2022, April 01, 09, 03 issued blue frost warning signal: it is expected that the morning of 2, the lowest temperature on the ground in most of our county will drop to below 0℃, among which, the eastern towns -4 ~ -2℃.The lowest temperature is expected to occur between 04 and 07, with temperatures below 0℃ for 2-3 hours and -4 ℃ for 1 hour.Legend Standard Defense Guide Within 48 hours, the lowest ground temperature will drop below 0 ° C, which will have an impact on agriculture, or it has already dropped below 0 ° C, which will have an impact on agriculture and may continue.1. The government and agricultural and forestry departments shall make preparations for frost prevention according to their duties;2. Certain protective measures should be taken for crops, vegetables, flowers, melons and fruits, and forestry breeding;3. Rural grassroots organizations and farmers should pay attention to local frost warning information so as to take measures to strengthen protection.(China Weather Network)