Controlled!Four more nucleic acid test positive people in Wuhan!Overseas Chinese and close contacts

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The pneumonia outbreak, caused by the novel Coronavirus infection, is still not completely eradicated.The whole country does not dare to slack off, is further increasing the “coordinated operation” efforts, vowed to resolutely win this “war without smoke of gunpowder”.With the continuous development of the epidemic, the daily changes in the data of confirmed and suspected cases are of greater concern to the Chinese people.Internal prevent rebound, external prevent input pressure continues to increase.The COVID-19 Prevention and control Headquarters in Wuhan, Hubei province learned this evening that on the afternoon of February 21, 2022, three novel coronavirus nucleic acid test results of foreign arrivals and one contact were positive.The headquarters immediately activated the emergency response mechanism, comprehensively carried out epidemiological investigation, screening of relevant personnel, sampling and testing, isolation and control, and carried out epidemic prevention measures such as terminal disinfection of relevant sites and environments.According to introducing, so far, 4 cases were positive cases has been transferred to the gold and silver lake hospital isolation treatment, for both close contacts have been traced to centralized quarantine, the positive cases involved area gloria city hotel, riverbank district of wuchang district HuaQing village, riverbank area with xin garden, east lake high-tech zone poly era day yue district have to carry out the traffic control management,Containment management shall be carried out for close contact and sub-close contact of positive cases, and nucleic acid testing shall be carried out promptly.Nucleic acid test results of environmental samples in the containment area were negative.Investigation of other secret connections and sub-secret connections is being carried out in an orderly manner.The headquarters urged the general public to take strict personal protection, wear masks scientifically, do not gather or gather in groups, wash hands frequently, ventilate more, and maintain a safe social distance of more than one meter.If fever, cough, diarrhea and other symptoms occur, take protective measures, avoid taking public transportation, and go to the nearest fever clinic as soon as possible.* Editor’s note: The above text aims to convey more up-to-date information.(You can send us a private message of relevant clues, or leave a comment at the end of the article to give the first feedback of relevant clues in your hands.)One heart!Fight the epidemic!Look out for each other!Overcome the difficulties together!↓↓↓ ↓ Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom.Left left left