City city management detachment force city appearance regulation dress up cattle city appearance level

2022-07-12 0 By

Recently, the city city management detachment closely around the weak area, easy to rebound point, through the “centralized governance + publicity and guidance + guarding control” way, the city management streets to carry out the city appearance environment remediation action, focus on improving refined, long-term urban management.Up to now, more than 120 floating stalls have been cleaned up, more than 80 illegal operations corrected, and 60 business tools temporarily seized.We will strengthen centralized governance.The city management team organized law enforcement members to guide and persuade the city management street merchants along the street to conduct non-standard business behavior, to help clean up the window advertising and store outside the disorderly put sundries;For the mobile stalls that occupy the road at intersections, at the gates of residential areas, around hospitals, around campuses, and at intersections of main and secondary streets, we will adopt a combination of education and administrative punishment to eliminate the illegal acts of using tricycles, trolleys and other means of transportation to sell vegetables and fruit department stores occupying the road and affecting the appearance of the city.Strengthen publicity and guidance.According to the requirements of the recent work dispatch meetings for the control of air pollution, the law enforcement team door to door and down the street merchants patient communication, reiterated “in front of the five package” responsibility, a clear request, oil isolation cushion is placed in the specification and garbage container, it is forbidden to outdoor barbecue outside, outside stacked loose coal, outside coal fire management, prevent all kinds of illegal phenomena “return”, enhance their consciousness,Maintain the street order together neat and orderly.Strengthen marking control.Some vendors and law enforcement members of the “guerrilla war”, the public at night open fire sacrifice, seriously affecting the city appearance order.In view of these problems, the detachment of scientific distribution and control personnel, take the way of uninterrupted patrol and fixed duty, group duty, staggered duty, actively implement the “no closing” law enforcement mode, focus on strengthening the work day beyond 8 hours at night, holidays and all day supervision, to all kinds of city appearance problems to timely discovery, timely standard.