Using this method to sell unsalable dishes, the rice noodle shop’s monthly revenue increased by 10,000 yuan

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A friend of mine has a cousin who owns a Hunan rice noodle shop in Guangzhou. Once we went to chat in his shop, his cousin said, “The sales of stewed eggs and stewed chicken feet are not good now, so we plan to take them off the shelves and replace them with new ones.”I asked him, “How long have you been selling stewed eggs and feet?Do you do offline and online promotion?Can you show me the sales figures for the last few months?”It has been about half a year since April this year, but we don’t understand how to promote the menu. We just changed the original menu and added marinated eggs and stewed chicken feet, and customers order them when they see them…”The boss said as he opened the background of the ordering system and motioned for me to look at the sales data.Seen from cashier system background data according to the results is not very ideal, marinated egg 2 yuan a day selling 30, 10 yuan a pot stewed chicken feet sold 20 per day, the average daily turnover of 5000 multivariate, plus delivery guest unit price 18 ~ 22 interval, that is to say there are about 260 guests every day, 230 of them have no halogen eggs, 240 people didn’t pot stewed chicken feet.After analyzing these data, I told my boss: “Do not remove the stewed eggs and stewed chicken feet from the shelves for the time being. I will give you some plans to improve the sales of stewed eggs and stewed chicken feet in about two months as long as you can execute them properly. Do you want to try them?”‘Of course you can!”Said the boss excitedly.Finally his cousin with a friend after again after further communication, I set up the daily data statistics, and called for his daily truthfully fill in according to the requirements of me give me a timely feedback, tracking after two months, marinated egg and pot stewed chicken feet before sales and data contrast clearly had the very big promotion, now the monthly revenue more than 10000 more than before,Almost by the boss off the shelves of stewed eggs and chicken feet so unexpectedly sold more fire.Do you want to know the specific operation method?Please then look down, everyone knows a lot of snack bars and restaurants in guangzhou is basically payment first, then have a meal, the rice noodle shop is not exceptional also, I found a lot of restaurants of the cashier or the boss didn’t take the initiative to recommend our shop sign or new dishes for the guests, is precisely because of this reason lead to new dishes after a few months after the sale,The owner will mistake it for a slow-selling dish.In order to verify whether the stewed eggs and stewed chicken feet are unmarketable dishes, I require the ordering staff to do so. When the customers end their ordering, they must ask: Do you want to have a try of the newly listed stewed eggs and stewed chicken feet?As a result, the restaurant’s daily revenue increased by more than 300 yuan. Later, some regular customers would take the initiative to add a stewed egg or chicken feet to their order every time.Conclusion: Through this personal test case, I want to tell catering entrepreneurs that when we prepare to remove unsalable dishes, we should not only take sales volume as the basis, but also need to fully understand the promotion and implementation of the store after the new product hits the shelves.I hope you can learn to draw inferences from one example and implement their own restaurants.Do you want to learn more about food and beverage entrepreneurship?Do you want to avoid pitfalls and detours in your business?Pay attention to me!!!!!!!In the future, we will continue to share with you the knowledge of catering entrepreneurship and escort your success!