The district emergency management Bureau will carry out regular work safety inspection in limited space

2022-07-10 0 By

In order to further strengthen the safety management and supervision of the limited space within the jurisdiction, and strictly prevent the occurrence of production safety accidents in the limited space, Dantu District Emergency Management Bureau carried out regular special inspections on the enterprises involved in the limited space within the whole region.Recently, in Jiangsu Sanjin Food Co., LTD., the district emergency management bureau of law enforcement personnel on the implementation of safety production responsibility, safety management system, on-site risk control and other conditions for inspection.Subsequently, the inspection team came to the limited space involved in the enterprise, on the enterprise whether the implementation of safety production responsibility, risk identification, safety training, safety warning, emergency measures and other conditions for inspection.It is understood that limited space operation is prone to production safety accidents and easy to ignore the link.Once an accident occurs, it is easy to cause death and injury due to blind rescue and other improper operations.This year, the district emergency Management Bureau took the limited space inspection as the key content of accurate law enforcement, and the regular special inspection throughout the year.Zone production safety law enforcement supervision team captain Zhang Xin said, in the inspection found some enterprises limited space risk identification is not complete, warning signs are not eye-catching and other common problems, but also urge and guide enterprises to immediately rectify in place, here to remind the majority of enterprises to strengthen limited space self-inspection since the change, to ensure production safety.Next, the area of emergency management agency will continue to focus on industrial, trade limited space operations within their respective jurisdictions dense, risk concentration field of industry, adhere to strict security regulatory enforcement, supervise and urge enterprises to conduct hidden perils in limited space homework, do sufficient warning education of production safety, told the enterprise organize regular staff seriously study confined space work safety management and other related knowledge,Continuously improve the safety awareness and operation skills of employees, improve self-rescue and mutual rescue ability, strictly prevent the occurrence of production safety accidents.