Shendu (Profound)

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The word “careful independence” first came from the Confucian book The Doctrine of the Mean: “Do not appear hidden, do not appear small, so the gentleman is careful of his independence.”Prudence means that when a person is alone and unsupervised, he should be more careful in doing things, consciously abide by the moral code, follow the inner upbringing, and be strict with himself.Prudence is one’s highest practice.01 A gentleman, beware of his own.There is a saying in Records of the Grand Historian: The world is bustling for profit, the world is bustling for profit.People live in the world, there are thousands of temptations, there are countless standards and bottom line, resist temptation, resist greed, is a gentleman.Zeng Guofan said, “It is not difficult to cultivate the way of self-cultivation. The mind knows both good and evil, but if it fails to use its power to think good is evil, it deceives itself.”Most of the time knowing that can not be done, but there is always a lucky psychology, their practice is not enough, can not be careful, they lost a person’s bottom line and self-cultivation.It is recorded in The Biography of Yang Zhen in the Later Han Dynasty that Yang Zhen went to jingzhou for his appointment through Changyi. Wang Mi, the county magistrate of Changyi, was recommended by Yang Zhen himself. In order to thank Yang Zhen for his help, Wang Mi took gold at midnight to thank him.Yang refused on the spot, saying, “I recommended you for your talent, not for money.”Wang Mi said, “The ignorant at night.”Yang Chen replied, “God knows, earth knows, I know, you know, what is ignorance?”A true gentleman, whether seen in public or not, is exactly what he appears to be, exactly what he appears to be.Lu Jiuyuan, a scholar in the Song Dynasty, once said, “Careful independence means not deceiving oneself.”No matter when and where, we should stick to our heart, be honest and not deceive ourselves, and be a prudent person. This is the test of cultivation and humanity.02 The prudent are at ease.Zeng Guofan said, prudence is peace of mind, can prudence, introspection is not guilty.To be a man should be like a gentleman, upright and magnanimous.The prudent man, who looks up to heaven and bends over the earth, who walks and sits well, is naturally fearless.Once upon a time, there was a scholar who went to the Capital to take the examination.Hungry and thirsty, he passed by a peach grove, although his eyes were full of longing, but he finally controlled his desire, bowed his head and continued on his way.Someone asked him why he did not pick the peach fruit belly, he replied: “The peach and plum have no owner, my heart has a master.”Always keep self-cultivation and bottom line in mind, never be affected by selfish thoughts, and always hold discipline and dharma in awe. Only by practicing both inside and outside, can you be truly careful and independent.Yuan Caizeng of the Song Dynasty said: Shendu means “to be worthy of your heart in life.”Life work to be worthy of the heart, and its xiaoxiao things, all day long, as generous magnanimous, live qingming Gao Jie.Duplicity of the person, as paper bag fire, is always in self-deception, some people on the surface of integrity, honest and honest, secretly calculating others, do all evil, midnight dream, also will toss and turn hard to sleep, in fear.A person’s adherence to the principle, can let people see his cultivation behind, careful, not afraid of losing face, but afraid of losing personality.Conscientiousness is the highest level of self-discipline, lifelong learning, and the highest level of life.A man’s greatest success is to be cautious in his words and deeds and to be in awe of the rules of life.Prudence is magnanimous to others, but peace of mind to oneself.May we be frank, do things clear conscience unintentionally, as on the outside, self-restraint.The same thing, different attitudes determine who you are.The really strong people are the ones with high immunity.