Hong Xin’s family welcomed the New Year. It was too sweet to be hugged by her husband who was 10 years younger than her

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On Jan 31, hong Xin, a famous actress, and her son Chang Ho Lian both updated their personal social media accounts to send New Year’s greetings to netizens.Hong Xin is from the south and her husband Zhang Danfeng is from the north, and their family’s New Year’s Eve dinner also features both the north and the South.There are not only chicken, braised pork, fish and other hard dishes, but also dumplings, which people in the north must eat during the Spring Festival. They are quite rich and can make people’s fingers move across the screen. The family should be very happy to eat.In the photo, the four members of Hong Xin’s family are dressed in red to welcome the New Year in a festive atmosphere.Already 50 years old Hong Xin, the hair is smooth and thick, the skin is tight and shiny, the figure is slim and not fat, the frozen age has the skill condition is good.She was 10 years younger than her husband’s sweet hug on the shoulder, smile sweet, happy feelings overflowing.Wearing a cartoon sweater for the Year of the Tiger, zhang danfeng, with his stylish hairdo and handsome face, looks as bright as any of his younger male stars.However, his popularity dropped after he had an affair with his agent bi Ying.Even after bi Ying resigned and left, his career still did not improve. There were not many works in the past two years.Hong Xin is just the opposite, once out of the entertainment circle of her, now all kinds of performance invitations are many, last year with Tsai Shaofen, Chen Farong, Chu Yin on the variety show, big show enviable sisterly love.Rare appearance of the 7-year-old daughter, facial features more delicate, full face, with the bangs, lovely, it is estimated that in a few years will be completed as the mother of the great beauty.Zhang Ho Lian, 21 years old son, wearing a hoodie, hair and makeup are very delicate, he held a red envelope to give a cool shape, quite handsome, like his sister appearance level is very high.For those of you who don’t know, young men are also in the entertainment industry.In 2019, he participated in the talent show “In the Name of the Group”, but failed to make a splash.After that, he entered the Shanghai Theatre Academy to further his acting skills, probably hoping to follow his parents’ path as an actor.Chang Ho Lian is actually the son of Hong Xin and her former boyfriend Mo Shaocong, but When Hong Xin broke up with Mo Shaocong, it was very unpleasant. The relationship between them was not good for many years, so that Chang Ho Lian rarely met his biological father and felt estranged.Hong Xin married Zhang Danfeng, Zhang Danfeng has been accompanying Zhang Hao lian growth, to him as his own, so the relationship between the two people is very close, with the father and son.At the beginning, Hong Xin gave birth to the daughter of Zhang Danfeng, Zhang Ho lian is not jealous, but also to the half-sister dote on add, two people deep feelings.This time with his sister, he sat her on his lap and looked at her with a spoiled face, showing intimacy.Finally, I wish Hong Xin and her husband and their children a happy and loving life in the New Year!