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In general, the methods for removing burrs can be divided into four categories: 1.Rough grade (hard contact) : this category includes cutting, grinding, file and scraper processing.2. Ordinary grade (soft contact) : this category includes belt grinding, grinding, elastic grinding wheel grinding and polishing, etc.3. Precision (flexible contact) : Belong to this category of washing processing, electrochemical processing, electrolytic grinding and rolling processing, etc.4. Super precision (precision contact) : belong to this category of abrasive flow deburring, magnetic abrasive deburring, electrolytic deburring, thermal deburring and miradium strong ultrasonic deburring, such as deburring method can obtain enough parts processing accuracy.Manual deburring manual deburring is the use of the earliest deburring method, the use of mechanical tools to burr the place for grinding, labor intensity, time-consuming, while the quality of deburring is difficult to guarantee.Manual deburring of parts with complex shapes is difficult to obtain.Brush to burr brush to burr when the brush through the surface of parts, many brush wire can be arbitrary bending, natural fit to the workpiece contour, into the groove hole and other general tools difficult to enter the place, the burr removed.When the brush passes through the parts, the force on the machining surface is not enough to produce cutting, and only plays a polishing role on the machining surface, without affecting the machining size of the parts.High pressure water deburring high pressure water deburring is now one of the most widely used deburring methods.The principle is very simple, is through the high pressure pump to produce high pressure water spray to the place where the workpiece is easy to produce burrs, water through the high pressure effect, produce a large impact force, so as to knock off the burrs, while in the process of spraying play a role in cleaning the workpiece, it can be described as multiple.And high pressure water deburring using tap water and a small amount of cleaning agent, will not cause environmental pollution.The principle of thermal deburring is to seal the workpiece in the combustion chamber, fill the combustion chamber with pressurized combustible gas and oxygen, and ignite it with 20,000 V spark plug. The instantaneous heat wave generated by ignition can make the temperature rise sharply to about 3315°C, and the speed of combustion shock wave can reach 8 times the speed of sound.Raise the temperature of the burr to be removed above the spontaneous combustion temperature and make it burn under the action of oxygen.When the combustion process continues to the main part of the workpiece, because the thermal capacity of the workpiece is greater than the thermal capacity of the burr, when the heat is rapidly absorbed, the temperature drops sharply, and the flame goes out.For aluminum alloy materials, thermal deburring is widely used.The principle of electrochemical deburring electrochemical deburring is to fix the workpiece in the container with electrolyte, extend the electric plate into the place where the burr appears, the workpiece as the anode, the electric plate as the cathode, after electricity, under the action of the current to remove the burr of the workpiece.But the electrolyte is basically acidic, and the workpiece material is aluminum alloy material, into the electrolyte will occur chemical reaction, damage the workpiece.Abrasive flow deburring is formed by a semi-solid carrier with viscoelastic, soft and cutting properties and a certain amount of frosting.The viscosity of different carriers, the type of grinding and the size of abrasive particles can produce different effects.Abrasives have different specifications according to the shape, material and purpose of processing.The specification is based on the combination of viscoelasticity, sand, material and particle size of the carrier.It is generally added in cast iron, aluminum, iron silicon carbide as a standard abrasive flow deburring machine material.Diamond abrasives are used for superhard or ceramics.High viscosity abrasive can be used for uniform grinding of wall surface and large passage of parts;Low viscosity abrasive is used to round the corners of parts and small channels for grinding abrasive flow. The fluidity of abrasive and the cutting ability of sand make abrasive flow a moving deburring tool.Ultrasonic deburring ultrasonic deburring ultrasonic deburring is a kind of processing technology that uses ultrasonic energy to deburring. The equipment used in this method is composed of ultrasonic generator, transducer, horn and super hard abrasive tool.After ultrasonic generator power, ultrasonic frequency 50 hz alternating current (ac) can be converted to electrical oscillation, transducer ultrasonic frequency ultrasonic frequency of electrical oscillation can be converted to mechanical vibration, due to the mechanical vibration amplitude is small, only about 4 microns, cannot be directly used in mechanical processing, rather than by the amplitude amplification, the amplitude and the vibration to the vibration transfer bar,The superhard abrasive is driven to produce longitudinal vibration, and the ultrasonic vibration is added to the superhard abrasive.Since the amplitude at the node (theoretically a circumferential line) is zero, the whole vibration system can be fixed to its housing through the node.This machining method is mainly applied to complex mold cavity surface, deep hole surface and other parts of burr removal method is difficult to achieve.By applying ultrasonic mechanical vibration (15μm amplitude, 20kHz vibration frequency) to a tool system using ultra-hard abrasives (diamond or cubic boron nitride, etc.), the burrs can be removed efficiently by ultrasonic vibration energy.For the burrs of high strength and complex cavity parts, the efficiency of removing burrs by using ultrafilt-powder superhard abrasive can reach 100%.The above is to share some content about deburring technology with you. 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