A person’s winter, I feel warm

2022-07-10 0 By

I sit alone on the side of the train in winter, cold as the bone is cut, and let my mind wander. I wander on the edge of the night, watching the traffic roll by.Maybe in this special day in winter, I do not know whether I will free and easy on the snow, happy dancing?All I know is that it is the heavy feeling this winter has given me that makes my life full of sunshine.I do not know the snow in the snow is how to come, also do not pray for, in this winter, I have endless sentimentality, in the snow days, I felt the breath of life.A person’s winter, I feel warm, my heart was touched by the warm sunshine, the kind of warmth melted ice.In this winter, I do not know who gave me enlightenment, enlightenment of my understanding and imagination, but I can not see the intensity of the sun.This winter, I have accepted the snow, I just want to be a tree last stay sapling, quietly, enjoy the earth to bring me moisture and grace, in this piece of warm sunshine to enjoy the world’s most warm caress.Original article, pictures from the network, if there is infringement, contact deletion, daily update, I hope you pay more attention to