The truth?Musk exposed Biden as a “wet sock puppet” who is actually a puppet of his financial backers

2022-07-09 0 By

According to US media reports, there is a repeatedly mentioned information shows that Biden during the campaign against Trump, behind the Democratic team political contributions of billions of dollars, more than any presidential election.It is these money to help Joe biden “to play all the way from California to Washington,” trump and former President of the United States the super-rich, worship the customary after general will give these some giving by the support of political enterprise investment, the similar situation happens in any election, was an open secret.Sources said that before the “infrastructure act” this year, The US Democrats applied for “an astronomical amount” of investment in the new energy industry (car companies), and said that “they want to beat China in the energy industry and regain the number one position.”Of course, many of the industry’s corporate oligarchs have long been big donors to the Democratic Party, helping presidents, congressmen and officials finance local elections, and so “naturally” get policy feedback, so much so that Biden has personally campaigned for them.Yesterday afternoon, Biden tweeted a framed video of himself and GM CEO Mary Barra with the tagline: “When I said the future would be made in America, I meant it.Companies like GENERAL Motors and Ford are producing more electric vehicles domestically than ever before.”However, it was this AD that caused musk, CEO of Tesla, another new energy vehicle industry giant and the world’s richest man, to express his serious dissatisfaction, because the data showed that Tesla car far surpassed Ford, General Motors and other vehicles in the best-selling list, biden deliberately ignored himself.Musk first responded to a message saying biden is trying to erase a great American company (Tesla) and rewrite the history of electric vehicles by supporting GENERAL Motors and Ford, saying he agreed and that “Biden is playing Americans for fools.”Later is very angry of musk simply reply 1 “biden is a humanoid wet socks puppet” to express their anger, in some parts of America, have a vaudeville performer will put the socks on the hands and with all accessories to puppet show, this is described as “puppet” biden, behind is controlled by these big companies.Others accused Musk of acting like a “politically illiterate child” who was not good at using money to maintain a relationship with the Biden administration that would have made the business more promising.Last year, for example, the Biden administration organized an event at the White House to promote electric cars, to which All of America’s big and small companies were invited. Tesla was embarrassingly absent, which was already saying something.However, there are also different views that ford and GM, “century-old brands”, cannot be compared with tesla, a new enterprise. The former has an “ingrained” relationship with the Democratic administration, and Tesla, as their competitor, is normal to be coldly treated by Biden.The fundamental reason Musk blames Biden for being a “wet sock puppet” this time is that he can’t get on top of a Democratic administration and can only whine.