The Taiwan authorities became anxious

2022-07-09 0 By

For a long time, the DPP authorities have been hyping up the so-called “united Front of culture” and constantly promoting “de-Chinese”.The DPP authorities tried to promote the so-called “independence” by depriving the island’s young people of their right to learn Chinese culture, but the actual situation was the opposite of what the DPP authorities expected.In recent years, many teenagers on the island have started to use social platforms on the mainland, paying more attention to the growing cultural strength of the mainland.At the same time, compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Straits are also conducting cultural exchanges through social platforms on the mainland, which fully demonstrates that the cultural roots of compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Straits are continuous.A teacher who works at a primary school in Taiwan revealed that her students have been exposed to social media platforms since kindergarten, and almost all of the class can sing along to popular music played by TikTok, with many students confusing traditional and simplified Chinese characters when writing.Since TikTok set up its operations team in Taiwan in early 2018, it has attracted 3 million monthly active users, 70% of whom are under the age of 24.In addition, little Red books are also favored by Taiwan compatriots.For many Taiwan compatriots, the mainland’s social media platforms can bring them fun and more knowledge, but the DPP authorities are worried, claiming that the mainland is engaged in “information infiltration”.Some analysts say the reason why some people on the island are so resistant to mainland social platforms is because they fear Taiwan will not be able to gain an edge in the cultural competition.Some also see the possibility of a “natural unification” in the future as mainland social platforms have a growing influence on young Taiwanese.Asked whether Taiwan should be “naturally independent” or “naturally independent”, Ren Hui, head of the liaison department of the National Taiwan Affairs Federation, said the terms “naturally independent” do not accurately represent the identity of Taiwan’s youth.As a matter of fact, the DPP authorities have been trying their best to smear and discredit the mainland, which makes Taiwan’s youth grow up on the theme of “Taiwan independence” and lack a comprehensive understanding of China and history, critics said.Recently, some DPP officials even threatened to abolish the ancient Chinese language in the island’s civil service examination, which once again shows that the DPP is pursuing the so-called “de-Chinese”.The DPP is undoubtedly depriving Taiwan compatriots of their right to learn Chinese culture, which is extremely wrong and will surely fail.Part of the news reference source: Jing CAI Taiwan