Taicang, too warm!

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On February 18, is even the kid’s tenth birthday is in isolation in taicang she thinks this is a won’t have a birthday gift but isolated point staff at lunchtime elaborate cakes, flowers and blind box on the door of this special birthday gift not only make yiyi also isolated point people feel warm heart these days, so there are a lot of warm heart.Door-to-door sampling for special groups;Helping the elderly, pushing wheelchairs, opening up green channels for them;To be volunteers, side by side on the “epidemic” line;Caring people send wine…In the war against the “epidemic” frontline heart-warming moments continue to be frozen these moments not only touched the hearts of the people but also let our war against the “epidemic” line more tough, firm!Door-to-door sampling service is very “intimate” Mr. Li this year has been 85 years old, living in chengxiang Town Xincheng Lane, these days just sick mobility inconvenience.When I heard that nucleic acid sampling would be carried out, I was worried that I was holding back the sampling work.Fortunately, the community informed him in advance, such as his old people, there will be a person to sampling, as long as waiting at home.Although the sampling task is heavy, the city still arranged door-to-door services for elderly people like Mr. Li, disabled people with mobility difficulties, pregnant women and other special groups, which not only warmed their hearts, but also ensured the smooth completion of the sampling work.At about 12:00 noon on February 17th, the sampling site of Building 3, Administrative Center of Shaxi Town ushered in another sampling peak and formed a queue nearly 100 meters long.A volunteer saw a mother holding a baby several months old at the back of the line, immediately walked up to her and volunteered to arrange her to walk through the green channel. “I was worried about the child freezing in the cold wind, but the thoughtful service at the sampling point was very warm!””The mother said.There are such green channels in centralized sampling sites throughout the city, where volunteers will step forward to help the elderly or those with mobility difficulties whenever they see them coming.The warm service was praised by everyone.The volunteers’ selfless dedication is “reassuring” “Is there enough staff in the village?Let’s come and help.”When the regional nucleic acid testing order was sounded, the Party Committee of Yalu Group immediately contacted Yalu Village, Huangjing Town, and volunteered to lead the group members to participate in the nucleic acid sampling work in the village as volunteers.At 7am on The 17th, the four-member volunteer team of Yalu Group arrived at Yalu Village and engaged in the work of maintaining order and helping the elderly.Wang Ping, 64, a retired cadre in Shuangfeng Town, signed up as soon as the volunteer recruitment notice was issued.At 6 am on The 17th, she arrived at the nucleic acid testing site in Xinweicun. Standing in the cold wind, she guided the staff to maintain the order of the site, patiently answered questions from the public, and helped the nucleic acid testing to be carried out efficiently and orderly.At noon on February 17, at the nucleic acid test sampling site in the Citizens Park, volunteers and staff drink steaming hot wine sent by enthusiastic merchants.Early that day, enthusiastic vendors cooked 300 portions of the soup and delivered them to the public park and several nucleic acid sampling sites in Liuhe Town.”One for all, all for one.”This bowl of hot wine warms everyone’s heart.The epidemic will pass and these heart-warming moments will be remembered forever in the city!Taicang Rong Media Center production responsibility editor/Zhu Weiqi Zhilong media reporters collective writing rong media editor/Xia Fengdan part of the pictures provided by each district, town and department