Notice on further strengthening traffic management services for lorries coming and returning to Ningxia

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Notice on Further Strengthening traffic Management Services for Trucks arriving and returning to Ningxia In order to further prevent and control the epidemic and ensure smooth freight transportation, optimize control measures, improve inspection efficiency and ensure smooth logistics, the notice on further strengthening the booking service for all trucks arriving and returning to Ningxia is as follows:1. All trucks coming to and returning to Nanjing must make an appointment for “Ningchang Yun” through the APP “My Nanjing” or the wechat public account of “Nanjing Traffic Law Enforcement” and fill in the relevant information 24 hours before the vehicle arrives in Nanjing.The relevant information shall be verified by the administrative region where the destination is located (hereinafter referred to as the “territory”) to the local enterprise, and the electronic certificate shall be generated.2. After completing relevant inspection at the traffic bayonet, the trucks coming to and returning to Ningxia and their drivers and passengers shall be transported according to the route filled in, loaded at the designated place and departed from Ningxia by the designated route.If the transportation task is no longer performed, it shall be included in the grid management of the residence area, and health management measures of the residents from outside the city shall be implemented according to the requirements.Iii. Freight vehicles and their drivers and passengers from key areas of the epidemic should be carried out in strict accordance with the Circular on the Opening of Booking Service for Freight Vehicles from Areas affected by the epidemic to Ningchang.The designated person in the region is responsible for the whole process of guidance, service, closed loop and supervision.When arriving in Ning, specially-assigned persons from the subordinate region shall wait for pickup at the agreed exit of the expressway and guide them to the destination according to the agreed route. Service guarantee and closed-loop supervision shall be implemented to ensure the comprehensive elimination of vehicles and goods. After the completion of transportation tasks, specially-assigned persons from the subordinate region shall send them to the entrance of the expressway to leave Ning and complete closed-loop management.There are still other transport tasks in the city, and special personnel shall be assigned to guide the next destination to the destination, and the closed-loop supervision requirements shall be implemented;Those who stay overnight in Ning will be sent to the “love hotel” by special personnel of their respective districts.When leaving ning, the designated person of the region will deliver to The expressway entrance to ning, completing the closed-loop management.Iv. Local enterprises, carriers and truck drivers should strictly fulfill their responsibilities for epidemic prevention and control, ensure the accuracy of declaration information, and cooperate with information checking and closed-loop management.V. Those who fail to declare in accordance with this circular, fail to transport and load on the agreed route, and fail to implement the management and control requirements, shall be suspended from the appointment service qualification of ningchang Yun;Those who cause the spread of the epidemic will be held accountable in accordance with relevant regulations.This circular takes effect as of the date of promulgation.Epidemic prevention and control of nanjing port emergency command system of traffic control group on April 3, 2022 in nanjing since March 13, 16 when the led jointly with the relevant district transportation and jiangbei district in nanjing area freeway exit were set up in 35 “to better inspection service point” of a focus on epidemic areas to better vehicle inspection services detailed stamp ⬇ ️ nanjing reach the channel 35″Laining inspection service point