Double non-undergraduate school, low GPA, still want to attend QS top 100 school?Come in and see

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I heard that your undergraduate school is ordinary, not double-Africa, GPA is not very high, but lying flat is impossible to lie flat, no matter how you also want to save the fish to turn over and work hard, so if your undergraduate school double-Africa, low GPA, but also want to study QS top 100 schools, there is no chance?Why don’t you give it a chance?So we need to pay attention to which tests and which scores are important in the application process.The most important GPA, you must not ignore.If you’re still in your freshman year, sophomore year, great, there’s still an opportunity to change, to work hard to improve your GPA.If you think of going abroad and start to pay attention to YOUR GPA now that you are in your junior or senior year, it may be a little difficult. But now that you have made your decision, you will naturally study hard.Why is that?Because the higher your GPA, the more options you have when you apply, especially if your undergraduate school is not good enough, the higher your GPA, it can also be beneficial.Secondly, standardized test scores. For British universities, students are generally only required to provide standardized test scores that meet the requirements, such as IELTS and TOEFL.So for double the students, in addition to as far as possible let oneself of the language scores higher, conform to the requirements of the school, if you want to improve the competitiveness, so the extra, may need to prepare some more you can increase your soft power such as scientific research strength of the experience, some of your related to choose professional experience, involved in any project, the game.That’s something you can start preparing for.When you have everything ready, start applying early, because each school has only so many students, and if you submit late, the competition will increase.So what schools are there to consider?The University of Edinburgh is ranked 16th in the QS World Rankings 2021, so it certainly has a preference for 985/211, but the University of Edinburgh is one of the UK’s top-ranked universities that is friendly to both sides.King’s College London (KCL) is ranked 35th, although it also divides Chinese institutions into well-known and non-well-known ones. For Example, about 10% of Chinese students admitted to its business school last year were from Both schools, although the average grade is higher.The University of Birmingham is ranked 90th. The university is not very strict with the requirements of its institutions. It focuses on language scores, so if non-chinese students want to apply to the University of Birmingham, they must pay attention to their language scores.As far as possible to improve language scores, enhance their competitiveness.