Who’s lying?Hwang Dae-heon broke his silence and told the truth

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Hwang dae-heon fouls again!Beijing time on February 13 evening, the men’s 500 meters semifinals, Hwang Daheon and Wu Dajing, Liu Shaoang, Dubois, Azigaliyev in the same group.At a crucial stage of the match, Hwang dae-heon attempted to overtake Dubois with a clear foul.The balance of Hwang daheon did not put away the skates for the first time, which also caused wu Dajing behind in order to avoid injury, had to switch the line, his speed had a certain impact.Finally, Wu Dajing group third regret missed the final, Huang Daxian was cancelled because of foul results.This time, in the face of the hard facts, the South Korean media also powerless to refute, after the race, Hwang immediately apologized to Canada’s Dubois.Hwang Dae-heon, foul, these two words are frequently used in the Beijing Winter Olympics.Earlier in the men’s 1,000m semifinal, Hwang dae-heon apparently fouled China’s Ren Ziwei and Li Wenlong while overtaking them.Finally, Hwang dae-heon was disqualified from the final.The referee’s decision caused a storm in the South Korean media, many of which angrily criticized the referee’s decision, saying that it was to benefit the host Chinese team, Hwang dae-hun did not commit any foul action, was wronged.In addition, the Korean sports delegation held a special press conference to express strong dissatisfaction with hwang dae-heon’s punishment, and appealed to the International Skating Federation.The International Skating Federation quickly rejected the south Korean team’s appeal.On February 13, Beijing time, The Dong-A Ilbo reported that Lee Ki-heung, president of the Korean Sports Association and a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), approached Yang Dikma, president of the International Skating Federation (ISU), after the women’s 1000m medal ceremony on February 12.Lee ki-heung reviewed the situation in which Hwang Dae-heon and Lee Joon-soo were disqualified in the men’s 1,000m and asked the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation (ISU) to make a fair and equitable decision for the upcoming races.A week has passed since the men’s 1,000-meter race, but the Korean delegation is still holding a grudge.Before the Beijing Games, the South Korean delegation asked athletes and coaches not to talk about anything against the INTERNATIONAL Skating federation or the referees.Hwang had never spoken about the penalty before, but before starting his final event, hwang finally talked about his 1,500-meter victory and the moment he was penalized for the 1,000-meter race.”I didn’t skate cleanly enough (for 1,000 meters),” Hwang said. “But for the 1,500 meters, I skated very well.”Hwang dae-heon finally broke his silence and admitted that he did not skate clean in the semifinal of the 1,000m, but the Korean media and the Korean delegation still insisted that hwang did not foul.It’s easy to see who’s telling the truth!