“There is an old man falling under my bed.”

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When you are in danger, you will dial 110, when you need help, you will turn to 110!110, is the lifeline of the people!But some people call 110 because they’re bored, for fun, or because they’re drunk…The public Security bureau of Tonghai County, Yuxi City, has given administrative punishment to a man who called 110 in a row 29 times during the night to make false police reports.The matter began a month ago, February 20 at 1:50 a.m., Tonghai County Public Security Bureau Yang Guang police station received 110 instructions, zhenhai village Yang said that there was an old man under his bed, please police processing.Alarm recording: Hello, Tonghai 110.Hey, Yang Guang zhenhai here to save, two people on the line.What happened? Where is he?Under the bed was an old man.Is that the old man of your family?No, no, no, no, no, no, no.(law enforcement recorder picture) when the police arrived at Yang’s home, after a thorough investigation, and did not find anyone under the bed.At this time the police also found that Yang mou has a pungent smell of wine, walking is also staggered.The police realized that Yang was drunk and lied about the police situation, and returned to the police station after oral education.(law enforcement recorder picture) did not expect at 2:30, the police just returned to the place, Yang again dialed 110 to the police, the police patiently informed Yang police search results, and oral warning it can not lie about the police.(Video from law enforcement recorder) But Yang, who was not awake, did not listen.Yang called 110 police 27 times from 2:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.Until noon that day, the police again to Yang home, at this time Yang has regained consciousness, the police again with Yang in the bedroom of the investigation, confirm that there is no one else in the room.The matter clearly cannot rest there.The police informed Yang, its behavior has seriously disturbed the normal police work of the public security organs, has been suspected of constituting a fictional fact to disturb the public order crime.According to the understanding, Yang usually love to drink some wine, that night is because of the wine to drink too much hallucination, they have been called 110 telephone alarm.At present, Yang was detained for seven days by the Public Security Bureau of Tonghai County in accordance with the law for disturbing public order because of fictional facts.Copyright (C) 2016 YXTVWJYx Yuxi Broadcasting and Television Station. All rights reserved.Tel: 0877-2036755 Email: yxtvxmt@163.com