The wisdom of ants

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Where humans live, there are traces of ants.So, I spent a lot of time with them growing up.When you look at the ants, you see that they have six feet, two antennae, and the feet are radially supported and there are three on each side and the fulcrum is concentrated on the chest and very close to the head with the big jaws.Because they are close to ugly, and they are very small, so when I was young, I never looked at them, and often played with them.Until a chance encounter with an ant looking for food changed my mind.It drags a piece of food several times larger than its body, but the tenacious ant never loses heart, overcome all difficulties, and finally completes its task and returns in triumph.See this scene, can not help but sigh, although ants are small, endurance is really amazing, not to be underestimated.And it’s not just the ants’ endurance, it’s their ability to work together as a team against their enemies.When describing the struggle between ants and hornets, the famous biologist Wilson once described this affectionately: a fat hornet bee resting leisurely in a corner.Suddenly, to a small ant, it found the wasp, they climb up, bite the wasp’s wings, desperately want to drag the wasp away.However, the huge wasp did not put the small ant in the eyes, the wasp quickly shook his wings, all of a sudden the ant played far away.So, the little ant had to walk away.But in a short while, the small ant came back, and behind a large group of ants came to the dust, surrounded the hornets could not fly.Hornet immediately panic hands and feet, desperately shaking wings, ready to escape, but the ants swarmed, tightly bite hornet, and it wriggled together.Gradually, more and more ants, crawling hornets are covered with.In the end, hornet had to be captured and carried away alive by ants.In addition, ants have the ability to calculate accurately.Dr. Marston, a famous British entomologist, once did such an experiment: he divided a dead grasshopper into three sections, the second section is twice the weight of the first section, and the third section is twice the weight of the second section.He placed three segments of grasshoppers in different parts of the colony.When the ants find the food, they return to their caves and tell their companions to carry it.About 40 minutes later, all the ants arrived, and Marston counted 28, 44 and 89 ants on each fry.Apparently, the worker ant who reported the food estimated the weight and volume of each section, and the number of ants carrying the food was proportional to the weight of each section.So it’s amazing what ants can do.The ants’ Stoic endurance, solidarity and accurate calculation skills are no doubt the means by which they survive.However, they also have something other than survival, such as emotion, morality.When an ant finds food, he can take it home and share it with all his brothers and sisters. If an ant dies outside, the other ant will not let his brother or sister throw his body into the wilderness.That kind of comrade-in-arms, like brothers and sisters as affectionate as the outpouring, let us look at the human, is also extremely sighing.It can be seen that there are many advantages worth learning and drawing lessons from ants.These advantages can be said to be a profound philosophy of survival, which contains incomparably rich, excellent wisdom.It is because of this kind of wisdom, fine as dust ants, bear the disaster of dinosaur extinction, after countless paleontological extinction years, but still generations of reproduction, indomitable on the earth.Earth lived for 120 million years, making it one of the most capable creatures on earth.The tenacity of life has created a growing army, ant colonies everywhere in the world.Crisscrossed by crisscrossed paths, beside streams and mountain streams, among weeds and flowers, and in secluded hills and valleys, they can be seen everywhere busy and immediately hidden.Looking at their small and not negligible figure, I can not help but think of the old Testament bible in the old testament: “To observe the actions of ants, you will get wisdom.”