Sanya: Create new achievements and open up new prospects

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The “Year of System Construction” action is a self-reform and key move with unique local characteristics to promote the construction of sanya’s governance capacity and system.Sanya plan deployment of the system construction implementation innovation “three steps” path is both the sanya system planning, a consistent, vigorously promotes the ability to promote construction activities strong concentration and ability, also passed the sanya to the understanding of the extraordinary, extraordinary action, extraordinary action, extraordinary results continue to create new achievements, pioneering a new situation of the determination and confidence.Sanya on February 10, held a press conference of “system construction” action results, released “sanya” system construction in the “white paper” action assessment “sanya” system construction in practice “case”, a number of beneficial exploration or the province’s first “sanya experience”, “practice” sanya sanya, new results, new as sanya;At the same time, the first-class business environment as a work ZhiXingNian “system” in 2022 the main line, through the conference form introduces system ZhiXingNian “road map”, in a planned way, step by step, counsel, to stimulate the market system of vigor, vitality and social creativity, add confidence, injected into the power, to build hainan sanya free-trade port construction new benchmarking condensed development momentum.Relying on the “Hainan E Registration” platform and the “comprehensive window of enterprise opening” offline, “one window and one network” can be realized. The time for enterprise opening has been reduced to one day, and the efficiency of enterprise opening has been significantly improved.Build the park service brand of “Shang Lu Tong”, improve the efficiency of examination and approval by 90%, and finish the main examination and approval items within one day;It took the lead to launch sanya Huiqi Policy comprehensive service platform (phase I) in the province, and gradually realized the “reduction of links, materials and time” in the whole process of implementing Huiqi policy. So far, 20 Huiqi items have been launched…These visible and tangible happiness are just an epitome of Sanya’s efforts to break institutional barriers restricting market vitality and gradually improve its business environment.These changes have been made possible by a top-down reform that has focused on a focus, turning the pain points of market entities into the focus of reform, and giving reform a target and direction.Sanya in 2021 since the launch of “system construction” action aimed at problem oriented, based on the practice in sanya, adjust measures to local conditions to solve the problem, from the specified method, deepen the reform and innovation, improve management efficiency, optimize the environment of doing business, and other areas of the four kinds of power precisely, the key breakthrough, to solve a batch of plugging point, focus and difficult problem.Reform will focus on efficiency, focus on strengthening reform, overcome difficulties and push forward reform, so as to add impetus and invigorate reform.One by one, “Sanya changes” highlight the people’s livelihood of Sanya, reflecting the vitality of sanya city.A total of 21,206 items of power and responsibility lists were adjusted at the urban and municipal levels, 301 items of intra-Party and administrative normative documents were sorted out, 5,981 items of system lists were established at the urban and municipal levels, 109 items of industry supervision and service systems were released and implemented, and “system sharing database” was built in Sanya to promote the exchange and sharing of system information between departments.Initiate high-quality service standards for seafood catering industry, wedding photography industry, yacht tourism and other industries to promote the transformation and upgrading of key tourism industries;The implementation of the “separation of the payment of certificates and the separation of the processing of certificates”, successfully handled the real estate registration procedures for thousands of owners of 10 projects such as The Gold Plaza, solved the focus of the public’s complaints, and gradually increased the people’s sense of gain;In the province took the lead to set up the ecological civilization construction committee, perfect for the sanya the party committees and governments at all levels and relevant departments of the ecological environment protection responsibility provisions on the sanya municipal party and government leading cadres detailed rules for the implementation of ecological environment damage responsibility (try out) “measures for the assessment of the construction of ecological civilization, sanya and so on many system, promote the construction of national ecological civilization ShiFan made positive progress.We will take the initiative, build up momentum, prepare for action, and move with momentum. A number of typical cases that can be copied, promoted and institutionalized will provide a strong institutional guarantee for Sanya to strive to become a new benchmark in the construction of Hainan free trade port.Especially the system construction in action for emerging in the process of 20 typical practical cases, for the free trade port construction to provide more comprehensive practice “sanya” sample with breadth and depth, more breakthrough pressure of crop development reform to optimize the business environment is a profound reform and system innovation, is a fundamental and systemic project, a long way to go.Sanya has taken building a first-class business environment as the main task of the “Year of Institutional Implementation” in 2022. We all look forward to reform at a higher starting point. How will sanya continue to work hard to eliminate institutional abuses in all areas and adjust the pattern of deep-seated interests?Open a new breakthrough from the concerns of market subjects?Sanya will continue to stick to the “one blueprint” to the end from the three dimensions of seeking change, solving problems and improving.From prominent “alignment problem” and “problem-solving” to highlight the effect of “work”, sanya will use three years (2021-2023), peeling bamboo shoots, rolling to build system of “soft environment”, continue to strengthen internal management system, continuous and perfect the system of right of foreign line, continue to improve the planning and construction of rule of law shows the sanya a consistent determination to go on;Dynamically adjust the list of rights and responsibilities, dynamically carry out evaluation and optimization, and dynamically condense execution cases.Central business district (CBD) in sanya, sanya bay cliff state science and technology city key park innovation pilot test first as a business environment, innovation, and summarize and edge extraction, dynamic condensation formation of sanya, in cross-border trade, intellectual property creation, protection and use, and other areas of the sanya feature makes the national business environment benchmark index reflects the sanya science, accuracy of the system implementation,We will focus on properly dealing with problems left over from history and system integration in key areas.We will deepen reform in key areas and boost growth drivers across the board.In the process of seeking change, sanya completely let go of the “release”, completely cut off the “reduction” and completely eliminated the “clearance”, and exchanged the “reduction” of the government for the “multiplication” of the market vitality, which demonstrated the integrity and coordination of the implementation of the Sanya system.Closely with the provincial party committee and government, the decision to deploy, integrate the “operation system ZhiXingNian” the province’s “ability to promote construction year” activities, at the same time around the city, the eighth party congress put forward the “six” benchmarking “six sanya” goal, highlights the sanya comprehensive power, more breakthroughs, carried forward, pressure crop to expand the scope and depth of the reform of the system.The short 61 was difficult to carry a deep well, a shallow 61 boat.The construction of a free trade port in Hainan is a long and arduous task that cannot be accomplished in a day.Sanya, party members and cadres to eternal “students” point of view, really to study hard and enhance ability as a work responsibility and the spirit pursuit, do both wide shoulder, have iron shoulders again, in the endeavour to develop forward, overcome the difficult in the versatility, really let the system construction implementation innovation action three years for the free trade port in hainan construction surge gathered momentum.