Just after the Lunar New Year, the United States has struck another blow at China: 33 entities have been blacklisted by the United States

2022-07-08 0 By

China’s rapid development has become a reality, and no one can stop it. The United States can no longer stop it.In recent years, under its own “petty actions”, the United States has added a lot of troubles to China and often suppressed Chinese enterprises.This is not the first time that the United States has imposed sanctions on 33 Chinese entities on its so-called “unverified list,” which has long been a common PRACTICE.The United States has clearly failed to recognize the reality. In fact, its position as the world’s hegemon has already begun to shake. It is afraid that China will overtake the United States on the curve, thus reducing its influence in the international arena.In order to ensure their own interests in the first place, so in all aspects began to sanction China.Recently, the Biden administration put a number of Chinese companies on the Commerce Department’s “blacklist,” which means that China will be subject to new restrictions on exports from the United States that are unreasonable, and they’re asking American companies that do business with Chinese companies to conduct additional investigations.This means that there will be a lot of problems between Chinese and American companies. In order to restrain China and prevent American companies from cooperating with China, they will also investigate some American companies.The Chinese Foreign Ministry has made it clear that China loves peace and wants to seek common development. China has always opposed the US generalization of the concept of national security and its unreasonable demands to suppress Chinese companies.Many of them are On the so-called “unverified list” of Chinese tech companies, and those companies that are on the list, they are going to face stricter export controls.Officials at the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Export Enforcement Division said they will re-examine all companies on the list and assist U.S. exporters with due diligence and risk assessments.It also sends a signal to the Chinese government to arrange user verification as soon as possible and let them know the significance of the incident as soon as possible.In fact, we can see from the list of Chinese companies, the PURPOSE of the United States is to suppress Chinese technology, because most of the 33 companies are the country’s top technology companies, including optical companies and wind turbine blade companies.Of the 175 entities on the list, 33 belong to China, and the remaining 142 even include countries like Russia.It is true that the US is ahead of many other countries in science and technology, but it has done a lot of “efforts” to hinder the development of other countries and has always wanted to use other means to interfere in other countries’ internal affairs.I remember that in 2021, the US blacklisted eight Chinese companies for allegedly xinjiang-related issues.China naturally has its own position on this issue, the Foreign Ministry said in response, “China will always oppose such unreasonable actions against Chinese companies and will pay close attention to the resolution.”China will also use its own means to defend the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises. In recent years, the United States has done a lot of unreasonable behaviors. In order to limit China’s development, many Western countries led by the United States have participated in it, and we can see what the United States has done over the years.Huawei, for example, is a particularly obvious example.In front of its interests, the United States never takes into account the interests of other countries and never develops together in their eyes. It has to maximize its own interests. I think many countries in the world have clearly seen the ugly face of the United States and its decline will become inevitable.Unreasonable to China, will only make us into a land of unrighteousness, China to rank among the world, is bound to happen, if the United States continues to run amok relentlessly, will only reduce his influence in the world, while China’s status will be more solid, the final results can only be borne by the United States.