Branch flower public vocational school has what

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Panzhihua public vocational schools have Panzhihua Huasen Vocational College, Sichuan Mechanical and electrical vocational and technical College, Panzhihua business electronic vocational and technical school, Panzhihua technician College, Panzhihua art vocational college and so on.Established in 1953, Panzhihua Technician College is a comprehensive vocational and technical school, covering an area of 137 mu and offering 15 cutting-edge popular specialties.It is a national key technical school and a national secondary vocational education reform and development demonstration school.Panzhihua Huasen Vocational College, covering an area of 473 mu, is a multi-level comprehensive vocational school. Huasen Vocational School is a national and provincial “modern apprenticeship” pilot school.There are 16 majors in automotive, agricultural machinery, logistics, marketing, e-commerce, services and Management for the elderly, community services and management, etc.Sichuan Mechanical and Electrical Vocational and Technical College, the school covers an area of 1000 mu, there are two campuses, Majiatian, Jinjiang, building area of 244,899 square meters, the school has mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, materials engineering, management engineering, information engineering and other 5 teaching departments, there are 42 majors.Expanding materials and advantages of vocational schools: the development of vocational education is closely combined with the needs of the society, and what kind of talents the society needs and cultivates, which is more flexible than ordinary higher education.